• Rom


    Traces of Ancient Heritage

    In its heyday, ancient Rome was the most imposing city of the known world and centre of one of the largest empires of all times but most of the more than one million residents viewed the metropolis as a foul juggernaut.

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  • Limes

    The Limes

    Boundary Wall of the Roman Empire

    The limes – the northern borderline of the Roman Empire stretched from Britannia to the Black Sea.

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  • Römische Stadt

    Roman City

    From Military Camp to City

    Augsburg, Cologne, Trier – well-known and important German cities. They have one thing in common: all of them were founded by the Romans.

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  • Villa Rustica

    Villa Rustica

    Life in Former Times

    Roman villa is fundamentally different from what we would regard as a villa in the modern sense. A Villa Rustica was a country estate with a mansion, large gardens and agricultural land.

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