• Thermodynamik


    The Four Laws of Thermodynamics

    The volcano express in the Eifel: this museum train is pulled by a historic steam locomotive.

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  • Geiger-Müller-Zählrohr

    Geiger-Müller Counter Tube

    Radioactivity Measurement

    Radioactivity leads to invisible radiation with considerable effects on the organism.

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  • Naturgesetze

    Laws of Nature

    Gravity, Leverage, Buoyancy

    Physics is an exciting and thrilling natural science. It deals with basic phenomena and laws in our surroundings, in our environment, from tiny elementary particles to the universe.

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  • Photovoltaik


    Using Solar Energy

    Photovoltaics is the direct conversion of light energy into electrical energy. This principle is increasingly being used as a regenerative energy source - for this purpose, large-scale solar collectors are installed on house roofs and on open spaces.

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  • Gravitation


    Attraction of masses

    Gravity is the force that pulls something to the ground. It makes everything fall down.

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  • Aggregatzustände

    States of Aggregation

    Solid, Liquid, Gaseous

    The solid, liquid and gaseous states are the three classic aggregate states. We encounter the interplay between water vapour, liquid water and ice in many situations.

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  • Fluide und Viskosität

    Fluids and Viscosity

    Liquids and their Properties

    Be it the honey on our breakfast toast, the water from the tap or the air surrounding us – they all have one thing in common: in a physical sense they are fluids.

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  • Magnetismus


    The invisible force

    You cannot smell, see, hear or feel magnetic force itself.

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  • Strom


    From Turbine to Socket

    You realise how important and self-evident electricity has become in our everyday lives only when it is no longer there. At home, household appliances run by electricity would not work anymore. The refrigerator would not cool anymore, the heater would not heat anymore. No washing machine, no telephone, no television, no game consoles – and, of course, we would suddenly be plunged into darkness if the light went out. Even a flashlight would not help because it works with electricity as well even though this electricity does not come from the socket but from a battery. Without electricity we would actually be in the dark.

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  • Licht


    Properties and Experiments

    "At night all cats are black." – all of you will probably know this figure of speech. Light is involved or rather a situation where little light is available.

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  • Röntgenstrahlung


    Discovery, Properties and Applications

    They are enormously rich in energy and easily penetrate the body but in spite of this, we can neither see nor feel them: X-rays work in secret.

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  • Optik


    Qualities of Light

    This DVD offers a clearly structured overview of the field of optics with an emphasis on the following main topics: All three models, i.e. the ray theory, the wave theory and the quantum theory of light, are explained by means of selected phenomena.

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  • Ottomotor

    The Otto Engine

    Changing Times

    This DVD offers an insight into the historical birth of the Otto engine and also describes its latest version – the hybrid engine. In addition, other engines of the future are covered.

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  • Makrokosmos


    Unimaginably Big

    Macrocosm – what is that? The film discusses this question in detail. Where does macrocosm begin? Can we imagine or even perceive its dimensions? The film illustrates in a descriptive way that macrocosm begins already on Earth, for instance in the forest...

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  • Weltall


    Development of Space Travel

    The conquest of a new world: the first satellite, the first man in space, the first steps on the moon – pictures we all know. But the triumph of space travel holds hidden secrets.

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