• Künstliche Intelligenz

    Artificial Intelligence

    Application and Opportunities

    Intelligent machines not only carry out predefined work steps but also learn from experience thus developing their own problem solving strategies.

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  • Programmieren


    Coding with Bee-Bot, Scratch and Robotics

    There are a lot of things in the world whose functioning and appearance were determined even before they are perceived or before they occur.

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  • Informatik fächerübergreifend

    Informatics interdisciplinary

    Creative learning with Minecraft

    The video game Minecraft is one of today’s most popular games. At the same time, it is one of the few video games that are used in lessons worldwide.

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  • 3D-Druck

    3D Printing

    Methods, Materials, Future Prospects

    Layer by layer, a three-dimensional form is being created here – a chess piece. Just like that, from a printer – however, a special one: a 3D printer. Thus, the dream of being able to manufacture three-dimensional pieces yourself at home becomes reality.

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  • Roboter


    Helpers of Man

    They carry out hard work without complaining, tirelessly and precise in their performance. They explore dangerous territory for us, help us with household chores or are just playmates.

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  • Junge Erfinder

    Young Inventors

    Implementing Their Own Ideas

    Inventions are part of our lives. We do not even notice many of these revolutionary inventions in our daily routines. But without them, we would have to sit in dark caves and explore the world on foot.

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  • Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley

    Location for the IT and High-tech Industry

    The famous Golden Gate Bridge runs across the San Francisco Bay into one of the most beautiful cities of America. And into one of the world’s richest regions. Around the bay, the headquarters of the leading global corporations of the digital era are located. The cable cars lend an air of nostalgia to the city with its hilly and winding streets. In the bay, the state-of-the-art companies of the world are successful. Here, everything is about bits and bytes, the Internet and social media.

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  • MP3


    A Success Story from Germany

    In an underground in the morning. Pupils, employees, craftspeople – many of them have one thing in common. They listen to music: rock or classical music, techno or folk, country or jazz.

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  • Bionik


    Copying Nature

    Humanity’s achievements in engineering have always been admired. This applies to antiquity’s Seven Wonders of the World as well as to the architectural masterpieces of modern times, such as the Eiffel Tower.

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  • Kommunikation


    Radio, Telephone, Television

    There is almost no other technical field in which such wide-reaching changes have taken place in recent years as in the field of communication. The film provides impressive evidence of the developments and advances of communication technology.

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  • Weltall


    Development of Space Travel

    The conquest of a new world: the first satellite, the first man in space, the first steps on the moon – pictures we all know. But the triumph of space travel holds hidden secrets.

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