Silicon Valley

Location for the IT and High-tech Industry

The famous Golden Gate Bridge runs across the San Francisco Bay into one of the most beautiful cities of America. And into one of the world’s richest regions. Around the bay, the headquarters of the leading global corporations of the digital era are located.

The cable cars lend an air of nostalgia to the city with its hilly and winding streets. In the bay, the state-of-the-art companies of the world are successful. Here, everything is about bits and bytes, the Internet and social media.

San Jose, Cupertino, Mountain View and Palo Alto are situated in Silicon Valley, as the valley to the south of the San Francisco Peninsula is called because the digital revolution began here.

A region full of orchards turned into a high-tech Mecca. Here, the market leads of almost all modern industries were founded. Companies like Hewlett-Packard, Apple and Intel gathered around Stanford and NASA, later Google, Yahoo and Facebook appeared on the scene. Today thousands of world-famous companies are based here.

Working here is a privilege, living here has become expensive. Apple and Facebook were founded in the Valley. Google and Intel started to consolidate their predominance from here. They all drew on one pool: the think tank of Stanford University.

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