• Chemie im Haushalt

    Chemicals in the Home

    Properties, Functions, Labelling

    Baking, washing up, cleaning, – quite ordinary activities in the household. For these purposes we mostly use various aids such as baking and cleaning agents. However, we are often not aware of the chemical reactions involved.

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  • Aggregatzustände

    States of Aggregation

    Solid, Liquid, Gaseous

    The solid, liquid and gaseous states are the three classic aggregate states. We encounter the interplay between water vapour, liquid water and ice in many situations.

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  • Kontinente


    A Journey around the World

    Continents are continuous expanses of land that are clearly separated from each other by oceans.

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  • Genetische Sonne

    Genetic Code Sun

    Deciphering the Code of Life

    Life on Earth assumes a large variety of shapes. There is plant life and animal life. Protozoa live alongside human beings, ants alongside fish and elephants, a blowball alongside a cactus.

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  • Wüste


    Types, Vegetation, Fauna

    Deserts and semi-deserts cover roughly a third of the entire landmass of the Earth. A huge area of our planet is thus defined as an arid region.

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  • Klimaphänomene

    Climate Phenomena

    Impact of El Nino on the Weather

    Weather, atmospheric condition and climate must be clearly distinguished. Weather describes the current state of the atmosphere surrounding us in a certain place.

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  • Hanse


    League of Towns and Economic Power

    Since the 11th century the population in Europe was growing. The reason for it was, among other things, an increase in agricultural production due to a good climate.

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  • Güterverkehr

    Freight Traffic

    How do Trade Flows Work?

    Most of us have probably ordered goods on the Internet at some point since online trade is perpetually booming.

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  • Gesunde Ernährung

    Healthy Diet

    Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins

    For a healthy, balanced and vitamin-rich diet it is essential to know what basic ingredients are contained in our food. Let us take a look at the carbohydrates first. These are contained in bread but also in pasta, rice, potatoes and also in fruit such as bananas.

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  • Gelenke


    Structure and Function

    To begin with, we distinguish between so-called “real“ and “fake” joints.

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  • Konditionierung


    Pavlovian Dog and Skinner-box

    The theory of classical conditioning is one of several learning theories which explains how behaviours can result from stimulation without, however, taking into consideration the processes in the brain (black box).

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  • Nahrungsmittelunverträglichkeiten


    Lactose, Gluten, Fructose

    We humans are so-called “omnivores“, that means we eat everything. We are not restricted in our diet. We tolerate meat, fish and vegetables, cereals and dairy products. Everything agrees with us.

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  • Die Franken


    Empire in the Early Middle Ages

    The Franks presumably arose from various western Germanic tribes originally living between the Rhine and Weser rivers. In the beginning, they were not a unified tribe yet but consisted of several bands under their own leaders.

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  • Rechte und Pflichten

    Rights and Obligations

    Youth Protection, Compulsory Schooling, Driving Licence

    Three girls of different ages: Anna is 17, Paula 15 and Lena 13. Before the law, their respective ages have consequences – because children and adolescents have different rights and also obligations.

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  • Katholische und evangelische Taufe

    Catholic and Protestant Baptism

    Common Features and Differences

    As an important ritual of the Christian faith, baptism is closely connected with the traditional stories of the prophet John the Baptist, who is said to have lived in Jesus’ lifetime.

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  • Kelten


    History and Culture

    The term “Celts“ refers to a great number of different ethnic groups. So we do not speak of one “Celtic people”, at any rate not according to modern ethnic criteria, but rather of tribes within the circle of Celtic culture.

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  • Plastik


    Production, Use, Recycling

    Plastic has been around for not longer than roughly 100 years, and the synthetic material is a brilliant invention. Its production is cheap, it can take almost any possible form, it is light-weight, versatile and, above all, inexpensive.

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  • Welthandel

    World Trade

    Conditions, Opportunities, Conflicts

    Many of the goods we use every day come from foreign countries and have to be imported into Germany. Without a functioning world trade our range of products would be very limited. Often goods are transported over long distances from A to B before we can use them.

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  • Recycling


    separating, sorting, reusing

    The best waste is the one that never arises in the first place or that can be avoided.

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  • Hauskatze

    Domestic Cat

    Breeds and Behaviour

    Nobody has actually counted all of them but it is estimated that there are about 200 million domestic cats in the world.

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  • Europäische Zentralbank (EZB)

    The European Central Bank (ECB)

    Tasks and Functions

    Central banks, which are also referred to as banks of issue, have a controlling function in the monetary economy.

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  • Braunkohle


    Formation, Deposits and Mining

    Lignite, or brown coal, is an important energy carrier for providing Germany with electric power.

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  • Chinesischer Staatskapitalismus

    Chinese State Capitalism

    Challenge to the West

    The economy of a state can be organised along different lines.

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  • Geldsystem

    Monetary System

    Currency, Foreign Exchange and Central Bank

    For many hundreds of years, means of payment have been used for the exchange of goods.

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  • Wasserkreislauf

    Hydrological Cycle

    Precipitation, Drinking Water, Sewage Plant

    Water is the source of life because life on our Earth originated in, more precisely, under the water.

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  • Leonardo da Vinci

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Artist and Scientist

    Some refer to him as the greatest universal genius of all time. His paintings are considered the most beautiful works of art of the Renaissance.

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  • Biogas


    Use and Risks

    In our modern lives, we are dependent on a regular supply of energy.

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  • Schillers Räuber

    Schiller’s The Robbers

    A Drama of the Sturm und Drang

    “The Robbers“ by Friedrich Schiller begins with a wicked intrigue.

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  • Economic Cycles

    Economic Cycles

    Fluctuations of the Economy

    „Growth isn‘t everything, that‘s true. But without growth everything is nothing.

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  • Kran


    Lifting, Rotating, Moving

    Even though all cranes are lifting equipment – type and appearance of a crane can be quite different.

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  • Barock


    Architecture, Art, Music, Painting

    Pompous buildings, impressive parklands, extravagant parties and unimaginable luxury.

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Rise and Fall

    Napoleon Bonaparte shaped France and Europe like no other.

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  • Lösungen, Emulsionen und Stoffgemische

    Solutions, Emulsions and Mixtures of Substances

    Properties and Uses

    Be it milk in a cereal bowl, tea in a glass or the air around us. We constantly come across mixtures of substances in our everyday lives. As the name suggests, they are mixtures – mixtures of several so-called pure substances.

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  • Meinungsfreiheit

    Freedom of Speech

    A Fundamental Right

    Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) protects the right of all human beings to freedom of opinion and expression, including the right to impart their opinion and to hear the opinions of others.

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  • Verantwortungsvoller Konsum

    Responsible Consumption

    Effect of Packaging and Advertising

    What do “consumption“ and “consume“ actually mean? This is what the child reporter Ferdinand wants to find out today. That much is for sure: often it has something to do with money.

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  • Staatssymbole


    Flag, Anthem, Coat of Arms

    Currently There are 194 countries or states on our earth. Every state has its own state emblem, for example, a national flag. It is a symbol of the history of a country, of its situation or its culture.

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  • Dreißigjähriger Krieg

    Thirty Years’ War

    Causes, Development, Consequences

    For thirty years war was waged in an area where Germany and Austria are located today.

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  • Fluide und Viskosität

    Fluids and Viscosity

    Liquids and their Properties

    Be it the honey on our breakfast toast, the water from the tap or the air surrounding us – they all have one thing in common: in a physical sense they are fluids.

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  • Bibel

    The Bible

    from Its Origins until Today

    It is big and small. Thick and thin. Old and new.

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  • Richtig schreiben lernen

    Learning How to Write Properly

    Pressure, Speed, Form and Rhythm

    Learning to write is at the beginning of the pupils' school career. It is quite a long way from the acquisition of motor skills and their refinement in the areas of pressure, tempo, form and rhythm to individual handwriting.

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  • Frühkapitalismus

    Early Capitalism

    Banking System and Founding of Dynasties

    Today we live in a capitalist society. The economy is based on free competition and private ownership of capital.

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  • Hessen


    The Federal States of Germany

    The federal state of Hesse is located in the centre of Germany and borders on the federal states of Lower Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia.

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  • Von der Antike zur Neuzeit

    From Antiquity to the Modern Era

    How Europe Has Become What It Is Today

    A lot of things we take for granted are actually the result of a long struggle. We live in a democracy and determine our government with elections.

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  • Mittelalterliche Städte

    Mediaeval Towns

    Buildings, Population, Organisation

    The mediaeval town was a fortified place where people lived who most of all engaged in commerce and trade.

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  • Brandenburg


    The Federal States of Germany

    The federal state of Brandenburg is located in eastern Germany and encloses the federal capital Berlin in its centre.

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  • Küsten


    Shapes and Formation

    The border area of the ecosystems of land and sea, which influence each other, is referred to as coast.

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  • Burg im Mittelalter

    Medieval Castle

    Design, Function, Everyday Life, Fight

    In the thousand years of the Middle Ages – approximately between the 6th and 16th centuries after Christ, there must have been 20,000 or maybe even more castles in the area covered today by Germany and Austria.

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  • Germanen

    Germanic Tribes

    Beliefs, Everyday Life and Customs

    When the Romans deliberately encountered the Germanic tribes in the 2nd century BC, they knew almost nothing about their soon-to-be most dangerous enemies and even today, much is still obscure as the Germanic tribes, unlike the Romans, did not leave behind large stone edifices but built their houses from wood – and this is ephemeral.

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  • Nathan der Weise

    Nathan the Wise

    Lessing‘s Play on Tolerance

    Nathan the Wise by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing is considered one of the most important dramas of German literary history still today, 235 years after its premiere in Berlin on April 17, 1783.

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  • Wirbellose Tiere


    Snails, Worms, Insects and Spiders

    The term “invertebrates” was coined by the French zoologist and botanist Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck in the early 19th century. He was the first to address the classification of the then so-called “lower animals” and divided them into different categories and classes.

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  • Rind


    Origin, Anatomy, Farming

    Cattle have been of vital importance for humanity due to both their spread all over the world and presence throughout almost all of human history.

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  • Star


    Bird of the Year

    In general, male and female starlings look very much alike. In spring, starlings assume their nuptial plumage, in autumn, after moulting, they wear their eclipse plumage.

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  • Theater


    Effects with Language, Light and Scenery

    The Munich Kammerspiele, commissioned by the Riemerschmid family as a new theatre in the city of Munich in 1899.

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  • Medien im Alltag

    Media in Everyday Life

    Television, Smartphone, Computer

    Media are part of our everyday lives. Children already used media in the past, however, it was not called that back then.

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  • Das Rad

    The Wheel

    Invention and Development

    One of the inventions that have brought humanity forward is the wheel.

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  • Brücken


    Construction, Types, Statics

    Bridges are structures designed to overcome obstacles. These obstacles may be of a natural kind, such as rivers or canyons, but also artificially built, for instance motorways or railway lines.

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  • Jesus

    Jesus Christ

    Walking in His Footsteps

    Long hair, a beard and a slender figure.

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  • Ein Gesetz entsteht

    The Making of a Law

    How Government and Parliament Work

    Laws determine the lives and interrelationships of people and ensure that both rights and duties are distributed in a just way in society.

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  • Ägypten


    Pharaohs and Pyramids

    Roughly from 3100 to 322 BC, one of the greatest and most powerful cultures of antiquity flourished in the Nile Valley.

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  • Märchen

    Fairy Tales

    Grimm, Andersen, Literary Tales

    Helga Josefa Sophie loves fairy tales. When she was little, her mother read her the ancient stories. Later her children and then her grandson Janik listened spellbound when she read from the fairy tale kingdom between reality and the magical world.

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  • Renaissance


    Art, Science, Architecture

    While large parts of Europe still lived in the Dark Middle Ages and huge cathedrals dominated the cities, a new consciousness blossomed in Florence, Italy at the beginning of the 15th century.

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  • Künstliche Intelligenz

    Artificial Intelligence

    Application and Opportunities

    Intelligent machines not only carry out predefined work steps but also learn from experience thus developing their own problem solving strategies.

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  • Gotik

    Gothic Architecture

    Pointed Arch, Ribbed Vault and Buttress

    At the beginning of the 12th century, a new building style suddenly appeared in France and revolutionised the dark Middle Ages – the Gothic style.

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  • Erstkommunion

    First Communion

    Sacrament of the Eucharist

    This is Annabelle with her family. It is a special day for her because she is celebrating her Holy First Communion today.

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  • Rom


    Traces of Ancient Heritage

    In its heyday, ancient Rome was the most imposing city of the known world and centre of one of the largest empires of all times but most of the more than one million residents viewed the metropolis as a foul juggernaut.

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  • Programmieren


    Coding with Bee-Bot, Scratch and Robotics

    There are a lot of things in the world whose functioning and appearance were determined even before they are perceived or before they occur.

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  • Alexander


    Explorer and Conqueror

    Without doubt, after Alexander the Great, the world was not the same as before. During his reign of only elven years, he founded the largest world empire in the history of antiquity.

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  • Sankt Martin

    Saint Martin

    Sharing and Why We Celebrate It

    Every year on November 11, Saint Martin’s Day is celebrated. This church festival is also referred to as Saint Martin’s Feast.

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  • Lebensader Fluss

    The River as a Lifeline

    Nile, Amazon, Mississippi

    From source to mouth our rivers are constantly on the move. They count among the most dynamic biospheres on Earth and are vital connections for numerous plants and animals between otherwise separate habitats.

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  • Kamishibai


    Japanese Narrating Theatre

    We spend a large part of our lives telling stories. Stories we read, listen to, watch – or tell others ourselves.

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  • Rom


    Capital of Italy

    On the Tiber, in the centre of Italy, there lies the Italian capital of Rome.

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  • Farben


    Mixing, Effect, Symbolism

    Colour is something ordinary. But colours determine nature and our life fundamentally.

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  • Bundespräsident

    Federal President

    Highest Office in the State

    The Federal President holds the highest office in the Federal Republic of Germany.

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  • Wikinger


    Seafarers, Traders, Warriors

    The Vikings – did not only raid monasteries mainly in England and Ireland, but pillaged and looted also along the coasts and rivers of Europe.

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  • Erdgas

    Natural Gas

    Reserves, Extraction, Use

    It provides heat for radiators and for cooking, generates electricity and even drives cars: natural gas is an important energy resource – worldwide, and also here in Germany.

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  • Bodensee

    Lake Constance

    Living by the Water

    Lake Constance is not only beautifully situated at the foot of the Alps, surrounded by a fertile countryside – you can also tell many stories about it, and thus learn something about its history and the people who live there.

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  • Limes

    The Limes

    Boundary Wall of the Roman Empire

    The limes – the northern borderline of the Roman Empire stretched from Britannia to the Black Sea.

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  • Expressionismus


    In Art

    The expression of a painting is meant to depict the artist’s inner world and bring it out.

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  • Expressionismus in der Literatur

    Expressionism in Literature

    Poetry, Prose, Drama

    The term Expressionism is made up of the two words “ex“ and “premere“, the Latin word for “ to press”. So Expressionism is the art of expressing oneself.

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  • Ein Kinderbuch entsteht

    The Making of a Children’s Book

    From Idea to Print

    Every year thousands of new books are published. You can get a notion of that vast number at the large book fairs in Frankfurt or Leipzig.

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  • Tiere im Winter

    Animals in Winter

    Migratory Birds, Hibernators and Winter-active Ones

    It is winter. If you are dressed warmly in thick jackets, scarves, caps, gloves and lined boots, the cold does not bother you. For many animals, however, winter is a hard time. The reasons for this are low temperatures and the short food supply. The soil is frozen hard and partly covered in snow, the deciduous trees are bare. For all those who move outside now the struggle for survival begins. Our native wild animals defy these adverse conditions with very different survival strategies: some by being active, others hole up and others flee...

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  • Erdöl


    Deposits, Extraction, Use

    Petroleum – a resource without which our modern industrial society is hardly conceivable. It serves as a basis for the fuel of almost all means of transport, but also for generating heat and electricity.

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  • Geldanlage I

    Financial Investment I

    Interest, Savings Book and Shares

    Money, money, money. The desire of humans to own more money is as old as money itself.

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  • Verstädterung


    The Emergence of Metropolises

    Cities, that is, concentrations of culture areas, existed already in ancient times, but the spread of metropolises worldwide, the so-called metropolisation.

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  • Galileo Galilei

    Galileo Galilei

    Researcher and Explorer

    Galileo Galilei, ingenious inventor and researcher whose findings changed the whole world.

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  • Biologie zum Anfassen

    Hands-on Biology

    School Garden and Germination Experiment

    To perform the experiment with beans you need first of all the seeds, of course. Runner beans are well suited for it. Watch out!

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  • Muslimische Feste

    Muslim Festivals

    Holidays and Rituals

    Meryem and Rabia at midday prayer with their parents.

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  • Auwald

    Riparian Forest

    Biotope on the Water

    A large area of Europe is covered by woodland. In Germany alone, the number of trees is estimated at about 90 billion at present. That means, in Germany there are more than 1,000 trees per inhabitant.

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  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    Johann Sebastian Bach

    Pupils Discover Classical Music

    Johann Sebastian Bach. He is considered one of the greatest and most important composers in the entire history of music.

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  • Knochen


    Structure and Function

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  • Berlin


    The Federal States of Germany

    Berlin is located in Eastern Germany, surrounded by the federal state of Brandenburg. The city can look back on an eventful history: as capital of Prussia, of the Empire, of the Weimar Republic and during the period of National Socialism. Due to the partition of Germany after the Second World War, the eastern part of Berlin became the capital of the GDR while West Berlin had the political status of an island right in the centre of the GDR until the German reunification. Today Berlin is a federal state, the largest city in Germany and capital of the Federal Republic of Germany, and the undisputed centre of its region, the federal state of Brandenburg, which surrounds the city.

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  • Magnetismus


    The invisible force

    You cannot smell, see, hear or feel magnetic force itself.

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  • Enzyme


    Chemical Reactions

    Almost every biochemical reaction in living organisms is regulated and controlled by enzymes. Without enzymes we could not breathe, digest food and the hereditary information in our cells could not be repaired and copied.

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  • Baukunst

    Art of Building

    Eras of Architecture

    If you want to tell the story of architecture, you have to go back to the very beginning of humanity. To the so-called Neolithic Age, which was around 5500 BC. Instead of constantly roaming the country and stopping where is was convenient, people became sedentary and began to build primal habitations to be protected from cold, rain and wild animals.

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  • Informatik fächerübergreifend

    Informatics interdisciplinary

    Creative learning with Minecraft

    The video game Minecraft is one of today’s most popular games. At the same time, it is one of the few video games that are used in lessons worldwide.

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  • Hamburg


    The Federal States of Germany

    Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and is located in the North German Plain at the lower course of the Elbe. As a federal city state, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is both a municipality and a state of the Federal Republic of Germany. The greater Hamburg area is the economic centre of North Germany. The port, its gateway to the world, is the centre of the dynamic economic metropolis.

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  • Strom


    From Turbine to Socket

    You realise how important and self-evident electricity has become in our everyday lives only when it is no longer there. At home, household appliances run by electricity would not work anymore. The refrigerator would not cool anymore, the heater would not heat anymore. No washing machine, no telephone, no television, no game consoles – and, of course, we would suddenly be plunged into darkness if the light went out. Even a flashlight would not help because it works with electricity as well even though this electricity does not come from the socket but from a battery. Without electricity we would actually be in the dark.

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  • Sicher zur Schule

    Safety on the Way to School

    Beware of Road Traffic

    You go to school to learn. But actually, learning starts earlier, namely on the way to school. When you set out from home on your way to school, you become a road user – just like all other pedestrians, cyclists, cars, lorries or buses. And all road users must take care that no accidents happen on the roads or pavements. As a road user you must be attentive and, if possible, always keep an overview of where you are standing, going or driving – and of what other road users are doing or maybe planning to do. You have to be careful and always take into consideration that perhaps another traffic participant is not being attentive. Thus you can avoid accidents. And eventually you must show consideration for other people using the road or pavement.

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  • Lernort Zoo

    Zoo Learning

    Brown Bear, Wolf and Eagle Owl

    Seeing animals close up on a trip right in the middle of the city – this is possible on a visit to the zoo. There we can see many animals that cannot be found in the wild around here as a rule. From small to large, dangerous animals, harmless animals, and some you can stroke. Animals that attract attention through their outward appearance and those that are difficult to see in their environment.

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  • Der Blaue Reiter

    The Blue Rider

    The Dawning of the Modern Era

    The Blue Rider – this is the name a group of artists chose for themselves when they joined forces just over 100 years ago to exhibit their works together.

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  • Bremen


    Federal States

    The federal state of Bremen is located in the northwest of Germany and entirely surrounded by the federal state of Lower Saxony. As one of the three city states the federal state of Bremen is not only the smallest German federal state but comprises two cities, the city of Bremen and the city of Bremerhaven. Thus Bremen is a two-city state which is unique in this form in the Federal Republic. The probably best-known landmarks of the Hanseatic city are the Town Musicians of Bremen – after the world famous fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm – and the Bremen Roland, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. The relatively young port city of Bremerhaven owes its rise to become a world-famous overseas port above all to the about 8 million emigrants who left Europe via Bremen from 1832 to 1974.

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  • Periodensystem

    Periodic Table

    System of the Elements

    With the help of the periodic system chemists can predict properties of chemical elements and derive chemical reactions. But you need not be a chemist to understand the periodic system.

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  • Bundestag und Bundesrat

    Bundestag and Bundesrat

    Legislative Institutions

    “I think politicians should by all means be responsible for the representation of interests, they should, so to speak, represent the people and make possible what the people wants in order to provide the greatest possible wealth and satisfaction in society. That should be their goal.“

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  • Das grüne Paradoxon

    The Green Paradox

    Why the Earth Gets Warmer

    Carbon dioxide is a nontoxic gas. It is formed in our bodies and in nature in the combustion of carbons. These are contained in all organic materials.

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  • Der Magen


    Structure and Function

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  • Parteien heute

    Parties today

    Intermediary between citizen and state

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  • Bronzezeit

    Bronze Age

    A New Material is Discovered

    With the use of bronze as a working material a new historical era started at about 2200 BC. Why was this particular metal so important for the development of humankind?

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  • Buchführung


    Basics and application

    Ms. Köller is a director at a small carpentry, which she has inherited from her parents. As the boss of her firm Ms. Köller also takes care of the accounting.

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  • Sozialverhalten

    Social Behaviour

    Communication and Respect

    Every child is unique and has talents and strengths it can use to advantage in a community, for example in a class community.

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  • Schönheit

    Ideals of Beauty

    What Is Beautiful

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  • Die Bundestagswahl

    Bundestag Elections

    Procedures and Implementation

    There is no democracy without regular elections.

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  • Wahlen


    Protest Voters, Manipulation, Referendum

    There is no democracy without regular elections. Elections are the citizen’s most important means of actively shaping the politics of his or her state.

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  • 3D-Druck

    3D Printing

    Methods, Materials, Future Prospects

    Layer by layer, a three-dimensional form is being created here – a chess piece. Just like that, from a printer – however, a special one: a 3D printer. Thus, the dream of being able to manufacture three-dimensional pieces yourself at home becomes reality.

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  • Muskeln


    Structure, Function, Training

    When we talk about muscles, we mostly think of those we can see. These are the arm, chest, abdominal and leg muscles.

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  • Roboter


    Helpers of Man

    They carry out hard work without complaining, tirelessly and precise in their performance. They explore dangerous territory for us, help us with household chores or are just playmates.

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  • Elefanten


    Anatomy, Sense, Behavior

    Elephants belong to the order of Proboscidea. On the one hand they are classed with the highly developed mammals, on the other hand we consider them quite primeval animals. Which is not too far out because a near relation, the mammoth, still lived during the last ice age.

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  • Versteckter Zucker

    Hidden Sugar

    Avoid the Sweet Trap!

    Sugar is ever-present in our lives. It is an important supplier of energy, but too much sugar poses a threat to our health.

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  • Typisch Junge – typisch Mädchen

    Typical Boy, Typical Girl

    Innate and Acquired

    QUOTE girl: "Lots of girls play with Barbie dolls." QUOTE boy: "Typical boys, that’s rather ... more football and more fighting ..."

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  • Alkalimetalle

    Alkali Metals

    Properties, Examples, Relationship

    What do lithium batteries, table salt and firework rockets have in common? All of them contain compounds of alkali metals. Alkali metals are members of the first group of the periodic table of the elements. The metals in this group are lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium and francium.

    More about the DVD
  • Fossilien


    Formation and Places of Discovery

    Is it possible for a stone to tell us a story about what animals and plants used to be there in former times? And “former times” does not mean a few centuries but millions of years.

    More about the DVD
  • Antikes Griechenland

    Ancient Greece

    Roots of Our Culture

    The age of antiquity ended over a thousand years ago, and yet, it surrounds us almost every day. The Greek temples have been imitated over and over, and they represent masterly achievements of architecture even today – grandeur and beauty formed by stone.

    More about the DVD
  • Gleichgewicht


    Maintaining a Balance

    All things have weight. Some things are heavy. Others are light. Often you would like to strike a balance. What is light should get heavier and what is heavy should get lighter. When bodies, substances or conditions are balanced, we call it equilibrium.

    More about the DVD
  • Griechische Mythologie

    Greek Mythology

    Gods, Goddesses, Mythical Figures

    The search for the origin and meaning of our existence has always been an integral part of the history of mankind.

    More about the DVD
  • Das menschliche Gehirn

    Human Brain

    Structure and Function

    Every organism, no matter whether it is an earthworm, a snail, a fish or a human being, takes in information from the environment through differently structured sensory organs.

    More about the DVD
  • Konjunktur

    Economic Cycles

    Fluctuations of the Economy

    Economic growth is on everybody’s lips and almost every day we come across the notion – assessed both positively and negatively – in the news from the worlds of politics and business.

    More about the DVD
  • Fotografie II

    Photography II

    Creative Picture Design

    Anyone who is able to master the technology of his camera can expose a photo correctly, knows how to handle exposure time and aperture – but only those who can design their photos, compose their pictures properly, know how to direct the viewer’s attention and are able to lend a message to their pictures, truly master photography.

    More about the DVD
  • Stoffe des Alltags

    Materials and Substances of Everyday Life

    Properties and Behaviour

    Hearing these words, you first think of the materials our clothing is made of. But all objects surrounding us in everyday life consist of one or several materials.

    More about the DVD
  • Jüdisches Leben

    Jewish Life

    Festivals, Holidays, Rites

    This is Noam. With his twin brothers Ron and Dan, his little sister Lia and, of course, his parents Esther and Alexis. Just a normal family.

    More about the DVD
  • Amsel


    Features and Behaviour

    The blackbird is one of our most common and best-known songbirds. The nice thing about the blackbird is that it cannot be confused with many other bird species.

    More about the DVD
  • Einzeller

    Single-cell Organisms

    Biodiversity on a Small Scale

    The Earth is the only planet known to us where liquid water ─ the source of life ─ exists. Every creature has its own metabolism, which is controlled via an information carrier – the genome.

    More about the DVD
  • Kreuzotter

    Common European Adder

    Habitat and Mode of Life

    The common (European) adder is extremely wide-spread across the globe. The common adder owes its German name “Kreuzotter” (“cross adder”) to the broad zigzagged band on its back, or so-called “cross” in German.

    More about the DVD
  • Weimarer Republik

    The Weimar Republic

    The First Democracy in Germany

    In the heart of the federal state of Thuringia, there is the small town of Weimar, in which the cultural histories of Germany and Europe are blended together in a confined space.

    More about the DVD
  • Hamster


    Characteristics, Mode of Life, Protection

    Hamsters are small rodents that have four sharp incisors. They are related to mice. With their small beady eyes and the constantly sniffing nose the crepuscular and nocturnal animals look cute.

    More about the DVD
  • Genetik


    Introduction to Genetic Theory

    Genetics means something like genealogy, origin and, in contemporary terminology, also the study of inheritance.

    More about the DVD
  • Megastadt Paris

    Paris - the Megacity

    Savoir Vivre

    Paris is the capital of France and located in the heart of Europe. France is virtually the only Western European country where life is so strongly oriented towards the capital.

    More about the DVD
  • Hygiene


    Preventing Disease, Promoting Health

    Epidemics such as the cholera or the plague and diseases like the Spanish flu were the causes of the deaths of many people throughout the centuries.

    More about the DVD
  • Hase und Kaninchen

    Hare and Rabbit

    Similarities and Differences

    How do we distinguish between a hare and a rabbit? At first sight, both look confusingly alike for both have long ears and a stumpy tail.

    More about the DVD
  • Sachsen-Anhalt


    The Federal States of Germany

    The federal state of Saxony-Anhalt is not only abundant with natural beauty but also boasts a diverse landscape of castles, palaces and churches, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    More about the DVD
  • Zyklus der Frau

    Menstrual Cycle

    First Period

    Sex education seminar at a girls’ school, 5th-year class. The girls here are 10, 11 years old. Topic: “menstrual cycle and first period“.

    More about the DVD
  • Werte und Normen in Deutschland

    Values and Norms in Germany


    More about the DVD
  • Videokurs I

    Video Course I

    Equipment, Preparation, Camera Work

    It is a lot of fun to make your own films. People who love telling or writing stories and/or taking pictures or making films have come to the right place.

    More about the DVD
  • Blindschleiche

    Slow Worm

    Characteristics, Adjustment, Behaviour

    The slow worm is a small, completely harmless lizard, which – contrary to its German name “Blindschleiche”– is perfectly able to see and is often mistaken for a snake because it has no legs and an elongated body.

    More about the DVD
  • Was ist Blues?

    What Is the Blues?

    History, Instruments, Attitude towards

    Well, the Blues is what you go through when you wake up in the morning, and when you go to sleep, and you know, the Blues follows you, wherever you go.

    More about the DVD
  • Unser Sonnensystem

    Our Solar System


    Looking up at the cloudless night sky is something special. It is a spectacle that we are offered free of charge every clear night.

    More about the DVD
  • Die menschliche Leber

    Human Liver

    Structure and Function

    Normally you do not feel it, it does not beat like the heart, neither can we feel it like the lungs when we breathe in and out – nevertheless, it is one of our most important organs: the liver.

    More about the DVD
  • Nordrhein-Westfalen


    The Federal States of Germany

    North Rhine-Westphalia unites many contrasting mentalities and forms of life and landscape. It is a land of low mountain ranges, lowlands and vibrant metropolises.

    More about the DVD
  • Werte und Normen in Deutschland

    Values and Norms in Germany

    By and with Refugees

    O-Ton M. Ozbak (Afghanistan): „Both with regard to household chores and with tasks in public, women and men are equal.“

    More about the DVD
  • Fotografie


    Basics and Picture Design

    “I would always choose this profession again. It gives you so much and there is so much you can do in this job. You are not tied down but there are plenty of possibilities, all kinds of fields are open to you. In my case, it is portrait photography. There are photographers who work in completely different areas. This profession is not a one-way street but the longer you do it, the more possibilities you see.

    More about the DVD
  • Enten


    Appearance, Behaviours, Species

    Ducks are our best-known water birds. You can watch them on almost any large body of water. Although we come across them frequently, most of us know very little about the lives of ducks. But it is worth our while to look at them more closely.

    More about the DVD
  • Auge


    Structure and Function

    The eye is one of our most important sense organs. It provides direct access to the world. We perceive most information we are flooded with and which has an impact on us via our visual sense.

    More about the DVD
  • Neandertaler

    Neanderthal Man

    History of Mankind

    For 250,000 years the Neanderthal dominated Europe during the last glacial period until he died out about 30,000 years ago.

    More about the DVD
  • Licht


    Properties and Experiments

    "At night all cats are black." – all of you will probably know this figure of speech. Light is involved or rather a situation where little light is available.

    More about the DVD
  • Big Data

    Big Data

    Big Chance – Big Risk

    Original soundtrack young woman: “Big data? Well, I suppose this is just a huge amount of data ... Big and data ... so it’s a large amount of data!”

    More about the DVD
  • Brennstoffzelle

    Fuel Cell

    Energy of the Future?

    A smartphone offers a lot of opportunities nowadays. The numerous apps and applications may enrich your daily life but cost a lot of electricity. It is particularly annoying when the device fails at the most inconvenient moments.

    More about the DVD
  • Hecht


    Underwater Predator

    The pike is one of our largest native predatory fish. Its mouth is studded with razor-sharp teeth. Its elongated streamlined body makes it as fast as an arrow. The pike is the perfect underwater hunter. At the same time, however, it is prey to a lot of other animals and a popular food fish.

    More about the DVD
  • Die menschliche Lunge

    Human Lung

    Structure and Function

    Only rarely do we notice that we need them: our lungs. Mostly, we breathe unconsciously and shallowly – especially if we have a sitting job.

    More about the DVD
  • Kapitalismus


    A Critical Analysis

    Capitalism is a global economic and social order, in which the means of production such as, for instance, buildings, farmland or technical facilities are in private ownership, and the control of economic activities is effected by the market.

    More about the DVD
  • Hühner


    Behaviour, Races and Breeding

    In the story of “Max and Moritz“it says: To most people who have leisure Raising poultry gives great pleasure;

    More about the DVD
  • Das menschliche Herz

    The Human Heart

    Structure and Functioning

    Our life is determined by our heart. In reality as well as symbolically. When we love someone, we lose our heart to that person. When we are courageous, we stand up for something with all our heart. But when we are frightened, our hearts may well be in our boots now and then.

    More about the DVD
  • 25 Jahre deutsche Einheit

    25 Years of German Unity

    What Has It Done for Us?

    After four decades of separation in the course of the East-West conflict, the unity of Germany was constitutionally restored on October 3, 1990. The Peaceful Revolution in the GDR and the willingness of the victorious powers of the Second World War enabled reunification.

    More about the DVD
  • Gänse


    Domestic Geese and Wild Geese

    “They’re gabbling like geese”, “she’s such a stupid goose” or “silly goose”– those are commonly known sayings. But geese are neither stupid nor chatty, gabbling is their language.

    More about the DVD
  • Globalisierung


    Change through Trade

    A visit to the weekly market. Here they lie peacefully side by side: pears and apples from local regions next to exotic fruits such as kiwi, lychee, papaya and mango.

    More about the DVD
  • Hightech-Standorte

    High-tech Locations

    Innovation Secures the Future

    The satellite dishes of the first terrestrial communications site on German ground in Raisting near the Ammersee have been a symbol of high-tech in Bavaria for decades. The very first satellite dish was still protected from all weathers by an air hall. Today it is an industrial monument.

    More about the DVD
  • Thüringen


    The Federal States of Germany

    "My name is Bodo Ramelow. I am Prime Minister of the Free State of Thuringia. It is a beautiful country. Its abundance of nature and environmental beauty, its wealth of art and culture, wonderful cities and history are truly exciting. We have so much to offer and I’m always glad about Thuringia’s wide diversity."

    More about the DVD
  • Völkermord im Dritten Reich

    Genocide of the Third Reich


    Germany, 14th July 1933: Six months after Hitler’s so-called rise to power all parties were banned with the exception of the National Socialist German Labour Party. Now the total forcible coordination of political life in Germany was completed. The new political model was based on the Führer cult, an emotional relationship between the Führer and the masses.

    More about the DVD
  • Altes Handwerk

    Old Crafts

    Traditional Trades in Former Times

    Crafts have existed for centuries. Some old craftsmen’s trades have almost disappeared over time. In order to keep up the traditions of the crafts, old handicrafts are presented at traditional festivals or on markets.

    More about the DVD
  • Tiere im Wald

    Animals in the Forest

    Fox, Raccoon, Deer and Others

    The forest is home to many animals.

    More about the DVD
  • Biotechnologie III

    Biotechnology III

    Between Progress and Responsibility

    Biotechnological knowledge and applications can be divided into several subareas. For easy orientation and distinction, the respective fields have been assigned a specific colour.

    More about the DVD
  • Stichlinge


    Change in Males during Spawning Time

    More than fifty fish species live in our lakes and rivers. The sticklebacks count among the smallest native freshwater fish.

    More about the DVD
  • Sakramente


    Companions in Faith

    The Sacraments – they are the visible and audible signs of the invisible workings of God on man. Often they occur at transitions and significant life events such as birth, admission into the community of Christians, growing up. These are the Sacraments of Initiation.

    More about the DVD
  • Allergien


    Development and Therapy

    The flowering spring meadow, the cute cat from the neighbour’s garden or the bowl with strawberries are a source of joy to most people.

    More about the DVD
  • Feuer und Flamme

    Fire and Flame

    Development and Fire-fighting Methods

    Fire – one of the most important human discoveries. It gives us warmth and light, conveys security and fascinates us with its dancing flames.

    More about the DVD
  • Bloggen


    What Is That?

    The weblog or blog, for short, as a medium is not much older than this century. Blogs came into being in the World Wide Web as ’messages from below’, as web pages from web creators who wanted to share their view of the world with the world. They are short notes, long texts, pictures, videos, which are posted loosely and at random intervals to the world for an undefined public.

    More about the DVD
  • Kartenkunde

    Doctrine of Maps

    Spatial Orientation

    ..... But how does a compass work? The answer is: by magnetic force. When you place a magnet amidst metal filings, you can see how these filings are pulled to the magnet. And when you take a closer look, you can see that the filings arrange themselves in specific directions at the magnet. This way, you can see where the field lines of the magnet run. The horseshoe magnet has a north pole and a south pole like the Earth. The direction of the cuttings tells you where the field lines along these poles are.

    More about the DVD
  • Maria


    Images throughhout the Time

    Mary is the major female figure in the Bible. She is the saint, the patron saint of entire countries and nations. Countless are the prayers people have been directing to her for centuries and countless the people who put themselves under her protection.

    More about the DVD
  • Europa


    From Ancient Civilisations to the EU

    We Europeans belong to many different countries with diverse cultures, languages and beliefs. These differences, as also our similarities, are based on history.

    More about the DVD
  • Erdbeben


    Origin and Consequences

    For millennia, people have been afraid of earthquakes. A force of nature that regularly devastates whole regions and claims thousands of lives

    More about the DVD
  • Kinderrechte in Deutschland

    Children’s Rights in Germany

    Projects of Pupils

    In Germany there are many groups of children who fight for children's rights to be respected. Again and again, these groups organise activities where they point out children's rights. The groups are supported by UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund..

    More about the DVD
  • Römer


    Life in Ancient Rome

    Augsburg, Cologne, Trier – perhaps you have already heard about these cities. But did you also know that all these cities were built by the Romans?

    More about the DVD
  • Salz


    An Indispensable Mineral

    The soup has no taste at all today – why? Ah – there is no salt in the soup! It is the salt that gives real flavour to the food.

    More about the DVD
  • Fleischfressende Pflanzen

    Carnivorous Plants


    Up to the middle of the 19th century it was believed that plants exclusively served as a nutritional staple to be eaten by herbivorous primary consumers.

    More about the DVD
  • Flüchtlinge


    On Leaving and Arriving

    Faizullah and Pamodou are two of about 500,000 refugees who fled to Germany from the crisis areas of the world between 2013 and the summer of 2015 and applied for asylum here

    More about the DVD
  • Junge Erfinder

    Young Inventors

    Implementing Their Own Ideas

    Inventions are part of our lives. We do not even notice many of these revolutionary inventions in our daily routines. But without them, we would have to sit in dark caves and explore the world on foot.

    More about the DVD
  • Der Garten im Jahreslauf

    The Garden throughout the Year

    And Its Creatures

    You surely know a few gardens, maybe you even have one yourself. Have you ever taken a closer look at it? A garden is not only a great place for playing – you can also cultivate and harvest fruits or vegetables there, and when you take a good look, you will see that it is brimming with life.

    More about the DVD
  • Die Politik der USA

    Politics of the USA

    Electoral System and Distribution of Power

    The United States of America. The nation’s political power is centred around the Capitol in the capital Washington D.C. This block encompasses the most important government buildings. Under the dome of Congress, both parliaments of the federal government are housed.

    More about the DVD
  • Niedersachsen

    Lower Saxony

    The Federal States of Germany

    Between the North Sea and the Harz, Ems and Elbe, stretches one of Germany’s federal states in which, according to legend, once the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Till Eulenspiegel and the lying Baron Munchhausen did their mischief.

    More about the DVD
  • Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley

    Location for the IT and High-tech Industry

    The famous Golden Gate Bridge runs across the San Francisco Bay into one of the most beautiful cities of America. And into one of the world’s richest regions. Around the bay, the headquarters of the leading global corporations of the digital era are located. The cable cars lend an air of nostalgia to the city with its hilly and winding streets. In the bay, the state-of-the-art companies of the world are successful. Here, everything is about bits and bytes, the Internet and social media.

    More about the DVD
  • Röntgenstrahlung


    Discovery, Properties and Applications

    They are enormously rich in energy and easily penetrate the body but in spite of this, we can neither see nor feel them: X-rays work in secret.

    More about the DVD
  • Israel


    Between Tradition, High-tech and Conflicts

    The territory of present-day Israel is one of the oldest cultural regions on Earth. It is the Holy Land of three world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    More about the DVD
  • Schnecken und ihre Lebensräume

    Snails and Their Habitats

    Biodiversity and Survival Strategies

    They are slow, really slow ... they are soft, they are slimy ...and greedy. Most of us look at them with disgust. But snails and their relatives are fascinating, useful animals and true survivors.

    More about the DVD
  • Zug nach Auschwitz

    Train to Auschwitz

    Journey into the Past

    »They had better look out… one day our patience will be at an end and then these impudent and hypocritical Jews will be reduced to silence.«

    More about the DVD
  • Was ist Jazz?

    What Is Jazz?

    History and Music Genres

    Lucia Martinez: “Jazz is spontaneity, technique and listening.” Lorenzo Panico: “Sax, live instruments and great people!” Bill Evans: “Innovation, creativity, future.”

    More about the DVD
  • Stoffwechselkrankheit Diabetes

    Metabolic Disorder Diabetes

    Regulation of the Blood Glucose Level

    Big break in the school yard of the Freiherr vom Stein school. The pupils are talking or playing. Amidst them is Felix, twelve years old. He is always with them.

    More about the DVD
  • Islam


    Muslim Worship

    Like Christians and Jews, Muslims believe in only one God. Today about four million Muslims live in Germany alone. Islam has its origins in Arabia.

    More about the DVD
  • Schüler leben Inklusion

    Pupils Practise Inclusion

    Making a Mark

    When people come together, no matter under what concomitant circumstances – ultimately, it is about how these people meet and how openly they interact with one another.

    More about the DVD
  • Toleranz


    For a Respectful Coexistence

    “Tolerance means being generous and kind to other people and helping them, too.”

    More about the DVD
  • Das Ohr

    The Ear

    Structure, Function and Care

    Large or small, narrow or broad, round or angular. Our ears may be of a variety of shapes.

    More about the DVD
  • Reanimation


    Saving a Life

    It can happen to anyone – of any age, in any place, at any time. Sudden cardiac arrest may quickly prove fatal. Immediate action is called for!

    More about the DVD
  • Bildanalyse

    Picture Analysis


    Picture analysis is a reliable method of revealing the secrets of works of art. Let us take for example the portrait of a child. There would have been innumerable ways of depicting the child but the painter painted it specifically the way he did and not otherwise.

    More about the DVD
  • Ein Leben retten

    Save a Life

    Anesthesiologists in action

    Operations are performed under anaesthesia. There are different kinds of procedures, ranging from general anaesthesia to regional or local anaesthesia. Paula: "That was my first operation under general anaesthesia and I was quite afraid. But still, it was interesting to see how it all works." The specialist for anaesthesia – in short anaesthetist – is responsible for the narcosis.

    More about the DVD
  • Mobiles Lernen II

    Mobile Learning II

    Active Media Work with iPads

    Oh, what’s that? Original soundtrack Thissen: “As our children grow up in a media world and naturally handle the media, they should also be a topic in school.“

    More about the DVD
  • Bewegtes Klassenzimmer

    Active Classroom

    Exercise Breaks

    Movement is healthy! It furthers activation or relaxation, strengthens the muscles and improves coordination. Often a few minutes are enough when during lessons you have short breaks for action units in the classroom.

    More about the DVD
  • Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King

    “I didn’t want to just look on“

    Martin Luther King, born and raised in the household of a pastor, was one of the privileged blacks. He saw and experienced the injustice of social oppression and racism, which were particularly pronounced in the Southern States of the USA, and some of which are still lingering today. He called for demonstrations and civil disobedience and became the spokesman for the Civil Rights Movement of the USA: ”But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt.“

    More about the DVD
  • Podcasting


    What Is It? - Modern Teaching

    Today, the use of new media has become a matter of course not only in everyday life – schools and teaching, too, benefit from the new technologies and methods, which support active and independent learning.

    More about the DVD
  • Urheberrecht


    Basic Principles

    Copyright is subject to constant change to keep up with technological advances. This film enables the viewer to grasp the basic principles of this extremely intricate matter. By way of introduction, the film defines what an author is, what kinds of works there are and how long a work is protected on principle.Then the fundamental rights of an author are cited and it is shown how these are exploited in our times.

    More about the DVD
  • Interaktive Whiteboards

    Interactive Whiteboards

    Teaching – Creating – Presenting

    Although the computer found its way into school some time ago already, it has mostly led a marginal existence so far, banished to extra practice rooms or to the side of the classroom.

    More about the DVD
  • Mobiles Lernen I

    Mobile Learning I


    Increasing mobility is a dominant characteristic of the present age. Here the school just follows a general social trend. But with growing mobility not only new devices are coming to the fore but also new concepts of learning are being developed as well as new ways of cooperation between pupils and pupils and pupils and teachers. By now the iPad has established itself as one of the most frequently used mobile learning devices.

    More about the DVD
  • Gesunde Ernährung

    Healthy Diet

    Stay Healthy and Fit!

    No matter whether we write, read, sleep or move, we always use up energy. Imagine your body is like a car. It needs petrol to be able to move.

    More about the DVD
  • Deine Zähne

    Your Teeth

    Structure and Care

    This DVD demonstrates that a regular and thorough brushing of your teeth is the foremost condition for their lifelong health. At the same time, pupils learn that food that doesn‘t damage their teeth is decisive, too, in keeping them healthy.

    More about the DVD
  • Mein Körper

    My Body

    Structure and Sexual Characteristics

    All human beings in the whole world have the same physique. However, we differ from each other in sex, height and weight as well as in skin and hair colour. The way we move, too, is different with each individual person.

    More about the DVD
  • Aufklärung

    Sex Education

    Fertilisation, Pregnancy, Birth

    The creation of a new human being is a miracle. Children are interested in where they come from. They want to know how a baby gets into the mother’s womb, how it develops inside and is finally born. The film answers questions about fertilisation, pregnancy and birth.

    More about the DVD
  • Kinder haben Rechte

    Children Have Rights

    UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

    Every human being has rights. Children have children’s rights. Since 1946 the UN – the United Nations – has been working to safeguard these rights. On 20th November 1989 it was adopted: the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    More about the DVD
  • Verhütung


    Love and Responsibility

    In view of a considerable number of teenage pregnancies and commencement of sexual activities at an average age of 15, the topic of contraception is extremely important in lower secondary school.

    More about the DVD
  • AIDS


    A Temporary Life

    AIDS is an issue that remains critical in view of the globally increasing infection rates. This DVD informs pupils on the immune deficiency disease and the ways in which the infection is passed on, it shows the scale of the pandemic and tries to make the young viewers aware of the difficult situation of those afflicted by it.

    More about the DVD
  • Zecken


    Dangerous Pests

    Already the dinosaurs, which populated the Earth some 90 million years ago, were familiar with the tiny, dangerous pests, and the Greek poet Homer attributed healing and potency-enhancing effects to them in the late 8th century BC – however, only in pulverised form.

    More about the DVD
  • Hormone


    Hidden Messengers

    Hormones influence our lives. Just like our nervous system, they transmit information in our bodies. When our hormonal balance is disrupted, our behaviour changes and we may fall ill. But what are hormones? Why have they got such a big influence? Where are they produced? And how do they work? The film leads us inside the human body – into the world of hormones.

    More about the DVD
  • Schulcaching

    School Caching

    Digital scavenger hunt

    A treasure hunt in nature… and with GPS devices! Geocaching has been a real trend with lovers of nature for long and now more and more schools discover that pupils can be encouraged to head out into nature and, moreover, that learning content can be communicated creatively in this way.

    More about the DVD
  • Infektionen


    Prevention and Therapies

    ’Health isn’t everything but everything is nothing without health.‘ – This clever sentence comes from the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

    More about the DVD
  • Entscheide Dich!

    Make up Your Mind!

    Doping in Sport

    Eventually he wants to be as good as his acknowledged role model the Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko. He vehemently rejects the idea that Klitschko could dope. The world champion trains his stamina every day by swimming. Then why dope?

    More about the DVD
  • Bürgermeister(-in)


    Tasks of the Municipality

    Gauting is a municipality southwest of the city of Munich in Bavaria. About 20,000 people live in the municipality. But who actually ensures that such a system works?

    More about the DVD
  • Indien


    Culture and History

    India – in official language also called Republic of India, is a state in South Asia. Its national territory has an extension of about 3,287,263 km2, and is inhabited by 1.3 billion people

    More about the DVD
  • Impfen


    Why? For What Reason? Against What?

    It is only in recent years that a vaccination has existed that is supposed to lower the risk of getting cervical cancer. This vaccination can protect against specific, sexually transmitted human papillomaviruses that are considered one of the causes for cervical cancer. Even though we consider our high health status as a matter of course in Germany today, it is not so very long ago that in Europe, too, many people died of diseases such as smallpox or typhus or had to suffer from the after-effects of diseases like poliomyelitis...

    More about the DVD
  • Oper


    Planning, Staging, Performance

    As soon as the audience has taken their seats, the conductor enters the orchestra pit. When he lifts the baton, the magic ritual of enchantment through music, play and light in an illusory world, which is to true nonetheless, begins. But what is opera, anyway? Let us dare a look behind the scenes!

    More about the DVD