• Ein Leben retten

    Save a Life

    Anesthesiologists in action

    Operations are performed under anaesthesia. There are different kinds of procedures, ranging from general anaesthesia to regional or local anaesthesia. Paula: "That was my first operation under general anaesthesia and I was quite afraid. But still, it was interesting to see how it all works." The specialist for anaesthesia – in short anaesthetist – is responsible for the narcosis.

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  • Fleischer/in


    Job Prospects Today

    Food is the basis of human life. Its diversity and quality are decisive for our health and well-being, thus also providing the basis for a good quality of life. It is a positive challenge to take on that kind of responsibility by choosing a career in this sector.

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  • Frisör/in


    Job Prospects Today

    Today regular appointments with the hairdresser are a matter of course for our individual styling. The aim is no longer to simply cut the hair so that it looks well-groomed but the hairdo is an expression of personality and thus intended to contribute to the overall look of a person.

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  • Kaufmann/-frau für Spedition und Logistik

    Freight-forwarding and Logistics Service Clerk

    Job Prospe

    The job of a freight-forwarding and logistics service clerk is all about the transport of goods: the storage, selling and shipping of goods must run smoothly – on a national as well as on an international level.

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  • Produktionsmechaniker/-in für Textil

    Textile Production Mechanic

    Job Prospects Today

    Setting, operating, monitoring, maintaining, servicing and repairing production machines – all these are tasks of a textile production mechanic. Only if the production equipment functions flawlessly and the work processes run smoothly and efficiently, textiles of all kinds and of the highest quality can be produced.

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  • Mediengestalter/-in

    Digital Media Designer

    Specializing in "Design and Technology"

    Media design refers to the creative practice that is the artistic use of the new media. Media design is the process of aesthetic shaping, during which the media can be both tool and material.

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