• Energiesparlampen

    Energy-saving Lamps

    Light through Changing Times

    Energy-saving lamps are energy-efficient illuminants which will step by step replace energy-intensive illuminants.

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  • Batterien


    From Production to Recycling

    A battery is a portable source of chemical energy, which is converted to electrical energy as soon as the battery is placed in a circuit. The main principle is the same in almost all batteries

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  • Energiequelle Sonne

    Source of Energy

    the Sun- Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow

    Energy determines our lives. Without energy, plants, animals and humans would not be able to live. Without energy, there would be no movement. But what is energy? Where does it come from and how is it used – yesterday, today, tomorrow? The DVD provides an illustrative introduction into the highly topical issue of energy.

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  • Windenergie

    Wind Energy

    Renewable Energies I

    Our future lies in renewable energies. The fossil fuels coal, oil and gas will be used up within the next 50 to 300 years and are ecologically questionable just like nuclear energy, too. The sun, however, provides more energy than we need.

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  • Solarenergie

    Solar Energy

    Renewable Energies II

    80 % of our current energy needs are covered by fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas). Their supply may soon lead to severe problems as worldwide stocks will be exhausted one day. That is why the future belongs to renewable energy from sun, wind, water, and biomass.

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  • Wasserenergie

    Water Energy

    Revewable Energies III

    Energy Is Everywhere It is everywhere. Within and all around us. It creates storms and moves the stars of our universe just as it makes a butterfly fly.

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  • Smart Grid

    Smart Grid

    Intelligent Use of Energy

    The turnaround in energy policy is meant to lead away from the old system of centralised power stations, from the conventional energy sources such as coal, oil or nuclear power.

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  • Hybridantriebe

    Hybrid Drives

    Technology of the Future

    When Lena goes through the city centre by car, she has to be particularly careful, because her car is almost inaudible and therefore pedestrians often hear it just in the nick of time. For in the city centre, her car is powered by electricity. The power is provided by a strong battery in the boot.

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