• Demografie


    Structure and Dynamics

    Demographic change has long since arrived in Germany. Immigration or emigration, the birth rate, mortality, these three central factors are shifting the demographic framework in ways never seen before.

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  • Welthandel

    World Trade

    Conditions, Opportunities, Conflicts

    Many of the goods we use every day come from foreign countries and have to be imported into Germany. Without a functioning world trade our range of products would be very limited. Often goods are transported over long distances from A to B before we can use them.

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  • Europäische Zentralbank (EZB)

    The European Central Bank (ECB)

    Tasks and Functions

    Central banks, which are also referred to as banks of issue, have a controlling function in the monetary economy.

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  • Chinesischer Staatskapitalismus

    Chinese State Capitalism

    Challenge to the West

    The economy of a state can be organised along different lines.

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  • Geldsystem

    Monetary System

    Currency, Foreign Exchange and Central Bank

    For many hundreds of years, means of payment have been used for the exchange of goods.

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  • Economic Cycles

    Economic Cycles

    Fluctuations of the Economy

    „Growth isn‘t everything, that‘s true. But without growth everything is nothing.

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  • Geldanlage I

    Financial Investment I

    Interest, Savings Book and Shares

    Money, money, money. The desire of humans to own more money is as old as money itself.

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  • Buchführung


    Basics and application

    Ms. Köller is a director at a small carpentry, which she has inherited from her parents. As the boss of her firm Ms. Köller also takes care of the accounting.

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  • Konjunktur

    Economic Cycles

    Fluctuations of the Economy

    Economic growth is on everybody’s lips and almost every day we come across the notion – assessed both positively and negatively – in the news from the worlds of politics and business.

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  • Kapitalismus


    A Critical Analysis

    Capitalism is a global economic and social order, in which the means of production such as, for instance, buildings, farmland or technical facilities are in private ownership, and the control of economic activities is effected by the market.

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  • Hightech-Standorte

    High-tech Locations

    Innovation Secures the Future

    The satellite dishes of the first terrestrial communications site on German ground in Raisting near the Ammersee have been a symbol of high-tech in Bavaria for decades. The very first satellite dish was still protected from all weathers by an air hall. Today it is an industrial monument.

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