• Energie sparen

    Save energy

    Heat, electricity

    The extraction, generation and consumption of energy is a multi-faceted issue.

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  • Kontinente


    A Journey around the World

    Continents are continuous expanses of land that are clearly separated from each other by oceans.

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  • Gesunde Ernährung

    Healthy Diet

    Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins

    For a healthy, balanced and vitamin-rich diet it is essential to know what basic ingredients are contained in our food. Let us take a look at the carbohydrates first. These are contained in bread but also in pasta, rice, potatoes and also in fruit such as bananas.

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  • Nahrungsmittelunverträglichkeiten


    Lactose, Gluten, Fructose

    We humans are so-called “omnivores“, that means we eat everything. We are not restricted in our diet. We tolerate meat, fish and vegetables, cereals and dairy products. Everything agrees with us.

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  • Katholische und evangelische Taufe

    Catholic and Protestant Baptism

    Common Features and Differences

    As an important ritual of the Christian faith, baptism is closely connected with the traditional stories of the prophet John the Baptist, who is said to have lived in Jesus’ lifetime.

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  • Recycling


    separating, sorting, reusing

    The best waste is the one that never arises in the first place or that can be avoided.

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  • Hauskatze

    Domestic Cat

    Breeds and Behaviour

    Nobody has actually counted all of them but it is estimated that there are about 200 million domestic cats in the world.

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  • Wasserkreislauf

    Hydrological Cycle

    Precipitation, Drinking Water, Sewage Plant

    Water is the source of life because life on our Earth originated in, more precisely, under the water.

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  • Kran


    Lifting, Rotating, Moving

    Even though all cranes are lifting equipment – type and appearance of a crane can be quite different.

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  • Verantwortungsvoller Konsum

    Responsible Consumption

    Effect of Packaging and Advertising

    What do “consumption“ and “consume“ actually mean? This is what the child reporter Ferdinand wants to find out today. That much is for sure: often it has something to do with money.

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  • Staatssymbole


    Flag, Anthem, Coat of Arms

    Currently There are 194 countries or states on our earth. Every state has its own state emblem, for example, a national flag. It is a symbol of the history of a country, of its situation or its culture.

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  • Burg im Mittelalter

    Medieval Castle

    Design, Function, Everyday Life, Fight

    In the thousand years of the Middle Ages – approximately between the 6th and 16th centuries after Christ, there must have been 20,000 or maybe even more castles in the area covered today by Germany and Austria.

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  • Rind


    Origin, Anatomy, Farming

    Cattle have been of vital importance for humanity due to both their spread all over the world and presence throughout almost all of human history.

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  • Medien im Alltag

    Media in Everyday Life

    Television, Smartphone, Computer

    Media are part of our everyday lives. Children already used media in the past, however, it was not called that back then.

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  • Das Rad

    The Wheel

    Invention and Development

    One of the inventions that have brought humanity forward is the wheel.

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  • Brücken


    Construction, Types, Statics

    Bridges are structures designed to overcome obstacles. These obstacles may be of a natural kind, such as rivers or canyons, but also artificially built, for instance motorways or railway lines.

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  • Märchen

    Fairy Tales

    Grimm, Andersen, Literary Tales

    Helga Josefa Sophie loves fairy tales. When she was little, her mother read her the ancient stories. Later her children and then her grandson Janik listened spellbound when she read from the fairy tale kingdom between reality and the magical world.

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  • Erstkommunion

    First Communion

    Sacrament of the Eucharist

    This is Annabelle with her family. It is a special day for her because she is celebrating her Holy First Communion today.

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  • Programmieren


    Coding with Bee-Bot, Scratch and Robotics

    There are a lot of things in the world whose functioning and appearance were determined even before they are perceived or before they occur.

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  • Sankt Martin

    Saint Martin

    Sharing and Why We Celebrate It

    Every year on November 11, Saint Martin’s Day is celebrated. This church festival is also referred to as Saint Martin’s Feast.

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  • Kamishibai


    Japanese Narrating Theatre

    We spend a large part of our lives telling stories. Stories we read, listen to, watch – or tell others ourselves.

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  • Ein Kinderbuch entsteht

    The Making of a Children’s Book

    From Idea to Print

    Every year thousands of new books are published. You can get a notion of that vast number at the large book fairs in Frankfurt or Leipzig.

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  • Tiere im Winter

    Animals in Winter

    Migratory Birds, Hibernators and Winter-active Ones

    It is winter. If you are dressed warmly in thick jackets, scarves, caps, gloves and lined boots, the cold does not bother you. For many animals, however, winter is a hard time. The reasons for this are low temperatures and the short food supply. The soil is frozen hard and partly covered in snow, the deciduous trees are bare. For all those who move outside now the struggle for survival begins. Our native wild animals defy these adverse conditions with very different survival strategies: some by being active, others hole up and others flee...

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  • Bohne


    Structure, Distribution and Use

    The word bean refers to both the seeds and the pods surrounding them and often even the whole bean plant. It is not easy to get an overview of the different types of bean plants. Their variety is due to, among other things, their different origins.

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  • Biologie zum Anfassen

    Hands-on Biology

    School Garden and Germination Experiment

    To perform the experiment with beans you need first of all the seeds, of course. Runner beans are well suited for it. Watch out!

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  • Muslimische Feste

    Muslim Festivals

    Holidays and Rituals

    Meryem and Rabia at midday prayer with their parents.

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  • Auwald

    Riparian Forest

    Biotope on the Water

    A large area of Europe is covered by woodland. In Germany alone, the number of trees is estimated at about 90 billion at present. That means, in Germany there are more than 1,000 trees per inhabitant.

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  • Strom


    From Turbine to Socket

    You realise how important and self-evident electricity has become in our everyday lives only when it is no longer there. At home, household appliances run by electricity would not work anymore. The refrigerator would not cool anymore, the heater would not heat anymore. No washing machine, no telephone, no television, no game consoles – and, of course, we would suddenly be plunged into darkness if the light went out. Even a flashlight would not help because it works with electricity as well even though this electricity does not come from the socket but from a battery. Without electricity we would actually be in the dark.

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  • Sicher zur Schule

    Safety on the Way to School

    Beware of Road Traffic

    You go to school to learn. But actually, learning starts earlier, namely on the way to school. When you set out from home on your way to school, you become a road user – just like all other pedestrians, cyclists, cars, lorries or buses. And all road users must take care that no accidents happen on the roads or pavements. As a road user you must be attentive and, if possible, always keep an overview of where you are standing, going or driving – and of what other road users are doing or maybe planning to do. You have to be careful and always take into consideration that perhaps another traffic participant is not being attentive. Thus you can avoid accidents. And eventually you must show consideration for other people using the road or pavement.

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  • Lernort Zoo

    Zoo Learning

    Brown Bear, Wolf and Eagle Owl

    Seeing animals close up on a trip right in the middle of the city – this is possible on a visit to the zoo. There we can see many animals that cannot be found in the wild around here as a rule. From small to large, dangerous animals, harmless animals, and some you can stroke. Animals that attract attention through their outward appearance and those that are difficult to see in their environment.

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  • Sozialverhalten

    Social Behaviour

    Communication and Respect

    Every child is unique and has talents and strengths it can use to advantage in a community, for example in a class community.

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  • Typisch Junge – typisch Mädchen

    Typical Boy, Typical Girl

    Innate and Acquired

    QUOTE girl: "Lots of girls play with Barbie dolls." QUOTE boy: "Typical boys, that’s rather ... more football and more fighting ..."

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  • Gleichgewicht


    Maintaining a Balance

    All things have weight. Some things are heavy. Others are light. Often you would like to strike a balance. What is light should get heavier and what is heavy should get lighter. When bodies, substances or conditions are balanced, we call it equilibrium.

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  • Amsel


    Features and Behaviour

    The blackbird is one of our most common and best-known songbirds. The nice thing about the blackbird is that it cannot be confused with many other bird species.

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  • Kreuzotter

    Common European Adder

    Habitat and Mode of Life

    The common (European) adder is extremely wide-spread across the globe. The common adder owes its German name “Kreuzotter” (“cross adder”) to the broad zigzagged band on its back, or so-called “cross” in German.

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  • Hamster


    Characteristics, Mode of Life, Protection

    Hamsters are small rodents that have four sharp incisors. They are related to mice. With their small beady eyes and the constantly sniffing nose the crepuscular and nocturnal animals look cute.

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  • Hase und Kaninchen

    Hare and Rabbit

    Similarities and Differences

    How do we distinguish between a hare and a rabbit? At first sight, both look confusingly alike for both have long ears and a stumpy tail.

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  • Blindschleiche

    Slow Worm

    Characteristics, Adjustment, Behaviour

    The slow worm is a small, completely harmless lizard, which – contrary to its German name “Blindschleiche”– is perfectly able to see and is often mistaken for a snake because it has no legs and an elongated body.

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  • Unser Sonnensystem

    Our Solar System


    Looking up at the cloudless night sky is something special. It is a spectacle that we are offered free of charge every clear night.

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  • Enten


    Appearance, Behaviours, Species

    Ducks are our best-known water birds. You can watch them on almost any large body of water. Although we come across them frequently, most of us know very little about the lives of ducks. But it is worth our while to look at them more closely.

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  • Auge


    Structure and Function

    The eye is one of our most important sense organs. It provides direct access to the world. We perceive most information we are flooded with and which has an impact on us via our visual sense.

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  • Hecht


    Underwater Predator

    The pike is one of our largest native predatory fish. Its mouth is studded with razor-sharp teeth. Its elongated streamlined body makes it as fast as an arrow. The pike is the perfect underwater hunter. At the same time, however, it is prey to a lot of other animals and a popular food fish.

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  • Hühner


    Behaviour, Races and Breeding

    In the story of “Max and Moritz“it says: To most people who have leisure Raising poultry gives great pleasure;

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  • Gänse


    Domestic Geese and Wild Geese

    “They’re gabbling like geese”, “she’s such a stupid goose” or “silly goose”– those are commonly known sayings. But geese are neither stupid nor chatty, gabbling is their language.

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  • Altes Handwerk

    Old Crafts

    Traditional Trades in Former Times

    Crafts have existed for centuries. Some old craftsmen’s trades have almost disappeared over time. In order to keep up the traditions of the crafts, old handicrafts are presented at traditional festivals or on markets.

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  • Tiere im Wald

    Animals in the Forest

    Fox, Raccoon, Deer and Others

    The forest is home to many animals.

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  • Kartenkunde

    Doctrine of Maps

    Spatial Orientation

    ..... But how does a compass work? The answer is: by magnetic force. When you place a magnet amidst metal filings, you can see how these filings are pulled to the magnet. And when you take a closer look, you can see that the filings arrange themselves in specific directions at the magnet. This way, you can see where the field lines of the magnet run. The horseshoe magnet has a north pole and a south pole like the Earth. The direction of the cuttings tells you where the field lines along these poles are.

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  • Kinderrechte in Deutschland

    Children’s Rights in Germany

    Projects of Pupils

    In Germany there are many groups of children who fight for children's rights to be respected. Again and again, these groups organise activities where they point out children's rights. The groups are supported by UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund..

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  • Römer


    Life in Ancient Rome

    Augsburg, Cologne, Trier – perhaps you have already heard about these cities. But did you also know that all these cities were built by the Romans?

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  • Salz


    An Indispensable Mineral

    The soup has no taste at all today – why? Ah – there is no salt in the soup! It is the salt that gives real flavour to the food.

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  • Der Garten im Jahreslauf

    The Garden throughout the Year

    And Its Creatures

    You surely know a few gardens, maybe you even have one yourself. Have you ever taken a closer look at it? A garden is not only a great place for playing – you can also cultivate and harvest fruits or vegetables there, and when you take a good look, you will see that it is brimming with life.

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  • Gefühle


    Perception and Identification

    Feelings belong to humans like their noses and ears or like eating and breathing. There are a lot of different feelings: some of them feel right and great, others are less good and can cause problems.

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  • Das Ohr

    The Ear

    Structure, Function and Care

    Large or small, narrow or broad, round or angular. Our ears may be of a variety of shapes.

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  • Bekleidung


    "Clothes Make the Man"

    Besides food and shelter, clothing is also one of the basic needs of human beings. Suitable clothing protects against wet, cold or warm conditions, and it also protects us from injuries or burns from the sun.

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  • Pferde


    Birth, Care and Species - appropriate

    They are the epitome of power and elegance. Man domesticated them long after dog and cat, they provided meat, were strong agricultural helpers pulling ploughs and other implements.

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  • Textilien


    More than Shirt and Trousers

    When we hear the word “textiles“, we automatically think of things we put on – such as shirts, trousers, pullovers, caps or other things to wear.

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  • Roller- und Fahrradtraining

    Scooter and Bicycle Training

    Exercises in a Safe Environment for the First to Third Schoo

    Scooters and bicycles are very popular with all levels of the population, and they are part of our everyday life. Due to the increasing volume of traffic, scooter and bicycle training at school is of great importance.

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  • Aufbau des Waldes

    Structure of the Forest

    Division into Layers

    Forests are more than an accumulation of trees. The individual tree is more than a valuable source of wood. From its roots to its crown, it offers habitats to a variety of the most different creatures.

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  • Wasser


    The Environment

    This DVD offers an insight into the correlation between life and water. In simple terms that are easily understandable to primary school pupils, the film outlines the significance of water for the lives of humans, animals and plants.

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  • Bauernhof

    The Farm

    Where does our Food Come from?

    This DVD offers some insight into the life on a farm today. In a way easily understandable for primary school pupils, the film shows with simple and tranquil pictures the daily work in an agricultural business.

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  • Es brennt!

    On Fire!

    Fire and the Fire Brigade

    This DVD provides information on the history of fires and the fire brigade. The firefighters’ job is vividly illustrated, including their tasks and equipment. The topic of placing emergency calls plays a major part on this DVD.

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  • Sinne

    The Senses

    Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch

    This DVD shows how we humans use our five senses to get in touch with our environment. The primary school pupils learn in an easily understandable way about the specifics, the use and the sensitiveness of each sensory organ and receive methodically organised information on their structure, function and protection.

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  • Polizei


    In Action for Safety

    This DVD provides comprehensive information on the diffe- rent areas of police activity. The responsible job of police officers as well as their every- day duties are clearly described and shown in a way that is understandable to primary school pupils.

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  • Ritter


    Life in the Middle Ages

    This DVD offers an insight into the life of knights in the 13th and 14th century of the Middle Ages. The film describes events in the lives of knights as well as life in the castle in a way that is clear and easy to understand for young pupils.

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  • Gesunde Ernährung

    Healthy Diet

    Stay Healthy and Fit!

    No matter whether we write, read, sleep or move, we always use up energy. Imagine your body is like a car. It needs petrol to be able to move.

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  • Heimatliche Spuren


    Home, Foreign Parts, Home Sickness

    Everyone of us has a home. We primarily associate home with our families, which give us a sense of comfort and security. We have our home town where we were born, but what exactly is home? According to the encyclopaedia, home means all the conditions under which someone grows up.

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  • Milch


    Where does Milk Come from?

    Milk is one of the oldest and, at the same time, most natural foods we know. This DVD provides comprehensive information on cow’s milk.

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  • Holz/ Papier/ Recycling


    Environmental Education

    The DVD “Wood/Paper/Recycling” provides information on the treatment and processing of wood. The production of paper, an everyday item in our lives, as well as the recycling process are explained to the primary school pupils in a simplified way.

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  • Lebensraum Wiese

    The Meadow as a Biotope

    Indigenous Animals and Plants

    This DVD offers an insight into the plants and animals typically found in the meadow biotope. In an easily comprehensible way, primary school pupils experience a small, exciting world where various kinds of animals and plants co-exist.

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  • Lebensraum Wald

    The Forest as a Biotope

    The Red Fox

    The forest with its flora and fauna as a part of the natural environment our children grow up in is an important topic in general education at primary schools.

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  • Hecke im Jahreslauf

    The Hedge in the Course of a Year

    Indigenous Animals and plant

    This DVD offers clearly structured information, in particular covering the following topics: Firstly, the diversity and type as well as the different tasks of a hedge are described. Vivid pictures illustrate the difference between low hedges, hedges of middle height and high hedges.

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  • Zucker


    From Beet to Crystal

    The “Sugar” DVD covers the sugar beet and sugar produc- tion in detail. Simple and clear pieces of information allow the children to easily understand the individual stages from sowing the seeds to processing the beets in the sugar factory.

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  • Unser Wald

    The Forest

    Throughout the Year

    As a part of the natural landscape in which our children grow up, the forest with its flora and fauna is an important subject in primary school teaching.

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  • Sicher im Straßenverkehr

    Safety in Road Traffic

    Children as Traffic Participants

    This DVD encourages children as young traffic participants to be considerate in road traffic to ensure safety and show social responsibility.

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  • Deine Zähne

    Your Teeth

    Structure and Care

    This DVD demonstrates that a regular and thorough brushing of your teeth is the foremost condition for their lifelong health. At the same time, pupils learn that food that doesn‘t damage their teeth is decisive, too, in keeping them healthy.

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  • Post

    Postal Service

    How Are Letters and Similar Postal Article

    The postal service as an organisation for the delivery of news and retail goods through letters, postcards, parcels and packages is considered a part of the pupils‘ life experience and thus dealt with at primary school.

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  • Unser Wetter

    Our Weather

    Formation and Forecast

    In everyday life we are confronted with this topic on a daily basis. It is part of our lives. The weather determines our daily routine more than we tend to think. Children, in particular, have a lot of questions on the subject. How does the weather form?

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  • Unser Geld

    Our Money

    Calculating with Euros and Cents

    „Money makes the world go round.“ Today this proverb is more topical than ever and perfectly describes our dependence on the currency of money. This DVD is intended to contribute to an understanding of the phenomenon of money.

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  • Zeit


    Clock and Calendar

    Time governs our everyday life. We cannot touch, hear or see it but it is always there. One century ago, Albert Einstein proved that time is relative.

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  • Zauberwelt Schnee

    Magical World of Snow

    Fascinating Insights

    With descriptive real and trick sequences, the film explains how snow forms and what different kinds of snow crystals there are. We observe a snow researcher at work and watch growing snow crystals under a microscope in spectacular close-ups. The film also answers the questions why snow looks white to us or crunches; it shows sledge dogs in action and explains ingenious survival strategies of animals in winter.

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  • Spiele


    Development, Types and Rules

    There are many different types of games. Board games, guessing games, waiting games, games of skill, sports games or computer games, too. We play because it is fun, we like activities with others and because we wish to pass our time in a pleasant way. The film gives an overview of the different types of games. It illustrates what you need to play parlour games and how a game is created.

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  • Getreide


    Where Does Our Bread Come from?

    The DVD offers spectacular insights into rural forms of work of former times and of today and into the work of a baker, so that pupils can easily comprehend individual work steps, too. In addition, the children gather information on the characteristics and use of the most important types of grains: rye, wheat, barley, oats and maize.

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  • Müll


    Separation - Disposal - Recycling

    The content of the film "Waste" is based on the specific field of experience of children – how household waste is produced and disposed of. In a vivid way, the film makes the children acquainted with the various forms of waste, how they are disposed of and how many reusable materials are contained in our household waste.

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  • Mein Körper

    My Body

    Structure and Sexual Characteristics

    All human beings in the whole world have the same physique. However, we differ from each other in sex, height and weight as well as in skin and hair colour. The way we move, too, is different with each individual person.

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  • Gemüse und Ölpflanzen

    Vegetables and Oil Plants

    Grown Locally

    Throughout the whole year, shops offer us a varied assortment of different kinds of vegetables. But where do the vegetables come from? Originally wild-growing, vegetables are crop plants today. They are sown or planted, cultivated and harvested by humans.

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  • Eichhörnchen


    Agile Climbers

    The DVD presents the squirrel in its natural habitat, the forest. Fantastic nature scenes help primary school children to get to know the behaviour of the squirrel in a way that is easy to understand, thus providing them with an important insight into its needs. Its characteristic body structure that makes it an agile acrobat is pointed out and explained.

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  • Vögel am Futterhaus

    Birds at the Bird Feeder

    Feeding in Winter

    Winter has come. The trees are bare, a thick layer of snow covers the ground. Life seems to have frozen.

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  • Dinosaurier


    Traces of the Past

    They are gigantic, fascinating and have offered material for the media time and again – dinosaurs. Year after year, our knowledge about these animal increases. In spite of that, opinions persist that all dinosaurs were bloodthirsty, cruel carnivores. The film at hand clears up these misconceptions.

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  • Haustiere

    Domestic Animals

    Behaviour and Needs

    As different as the various breeds and races of pets and domestic animals are, as different are our ways of dealing with them. Some people have purchased their pet for joy and recreation, others take advantage of the specific capabilities of their domestic animals.

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  • Heimische Obstarten

    Domestic Fruit Species

    Aggregate Fruit, Drupe, Berry Fruit

    The film deals extensively with the topic "Fruit". In a simple and comprehensible manner but with professional accuracy, it tells the primary school children about processes in nature. They learn how fruits form and develop on fruit trees and bushes. Information on domestic fruit farming is provided and they get to know the importance of fruit for a healthy diet.

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  • Meeressäuger

    Marine Mammals

    Whales and Sea Cows

    The oceans are the home of whales, which look like fish but, in fact, are mammals like we humans and breathe with their lungs. The film shows the peculiarities of whales, which are divided into two main groups: baleen whales and toothed whales.

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  • Das Schwein


    Wild Animal and Farm Animal

    Pigs are considered good luck symbols and are an important food source. They are true olfactory artists and their auditory sense is excellently developed. Their vision, however, is not good at all. The film presents wild pigs and farm pigs and deals with the topics of factory farming and organic farming.

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  • Schafe


    Characteristics, Reproduction, Utility

    The sheep, one of the oldest livestock animals of mankind, has not only supplied us with wool, meat, pelts and milk but has also helped us conserve our landscape. There are between 500 and 600 different varieties. In Germany alone, there are more than 40 breeds.

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  • Aufklärung

    Sex Education

    Fertilisation, Pregnancy, Birth

    The creation of a new human being is a miracle. Children are interested in where they come from. They want to know how a baby gets into the mother’s womb, how it develops inside and is finally born. The film answers questions about fertilisation, pregnancy and birth.

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  • Die Kartoffel

    The Potato

    A Terrific Tuber

    The potato is one of the most important food staples of the world. Together with rice, maize, wheat, barley, soy and sugar cane it is one of the seven most important foods on earth. Originally it came from the Andes in South America. The Spaniards brought it to Europe and then to all other continents.

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  • Der Igel

    The Hedgehog

    A Spiny Insectivore

    It carries on its back up to 8000 spines although it is no more than 30 centimetres long. In spite of that it can assert itself very well against its enemies. Because this insectivore can roll up into a ball. Although the hedgehog is a wild animal, it likes to live near humans today.

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  • Ananas


    Queen of Fruits

    Fruit is a multi-faceted gift of nature. Almost no other food is available to us in such a variety. It tastes good, is healthy and can mostly be eaten raw. However, it should be well washed before or even peeled, depending on the variety. The term “fruit” is understood to mean fruits from trees and shrubs.

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  • Bananen


    Sweet Energy Booster

    Bananas can be bought at any supermarket today. We eat them raw or make them into cakes, shakes and ice-cream. But where do bananas come from? How have they got to the supermarket? On plantations in Costa Rica bananas are cultivated in an elaborate process. It is most important that bananas always have enough heat, sun and water.

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  • Pinguine


    Flightless Seabirds

    When we hear the word “penguin“, we immediately think of animals living in the cold and ice world of Antarctica near the South Pole. However, this is not the whole truth.

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  • Frühblüher

    Early Flowering Plants

    Harbingers of Spring

    During the first warmer days in late winter, the harbingers of spring show that new life is stirring. With great biodiversity and beauty the early flowering plants herald the change of season. In an easily comprehensible manner and often with stunning time-lapse images the film makes children aware of the connection existing between the sprouting of the early flowering plants so soon in the year and their extraordinarily rapid growth.

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  • „Toter Winkel“

    Dead Angle

    Traffic Dangers

    Not only lorries have a dead angle. Other big vehicles such as buses or motor homes, even perfectly normal cars have a dead angle, that means an area where a driver might overlook a cyclist or pedestrian when turning corners. New technology is meant to help prevent accidents between cyclists and lorries. For example, sensors are often attached to lorries nowadays.

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  • Schimpansen


    Great Apes in the Rainforest

    They are many children’s favourites. And expert gymnasts in their realm. Dexterously they make their way hand over hand from branch to branch or skilfully climb the long ropes.

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  • Vom Küken zum Schwan

    From Hatchling to Swan

    The Elegant Water Bird

    This native water bird glides majestically across the water. It has a graceful curved neck.

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  • Frühstück


    From All over the World

    Breakfasting – this morning ritual exists in almost every country, every culture and every century. However, food, time, process and duration vary from country to country, family to family, person to person.

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  • Faszination Fluss

    Fascination River

    Animals in and around the River

    Brooks and rivers cross our country. They burst their banks in their natural course and form many habitats for plants and animals. Let us start on a journey of discovery together and experience nature in all its diversity along an intact river system with running and stagnant waters.

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  • Kinder haben Rechte

    Children Have Rights

    UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

    Every human being has rights. Children have children’s rights. Since 1946 the UN – the United Nations – has been working to safeguard these rights. On 20th November 1989 it was adopted: the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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  • Bürgermeister(-in)


    Tasks of the Municipality

    Gauting is a municipality southwest of the city of Munich in Bavaria. About 20,000 people live in the municipality. But who actually ensures that such a system works?

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