Social Behaviour

Communication and Respect

Quotes children

“I‘m Emma and I can handle animals very well.“

“I‘m Alexander and I can play ice-hockey very well.“

“I’m Dimitri and I’m very good at climbing.“

“I’m Henry and I think I’m very good at painting.“

“I‘m Lea and I can ride very well.“

“I’m Vincent and I love drumming.“

“I‘m David and I quite like playing the guitar.“

“I‘m Kilian and I play football quite well.“

“I‘m Christopher and I’m very good at martial art.“

“I’m Rebecca and I’m good at swimming.“


Every child is unique and has talents and strengths it can use to advantage in a community, for example in a class community.

Communities exist everywhere, in the family, at school, or at the sports club. No matter where, in a group or in society, all must contribute for interaction to work well.

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