• Allergien


    Development and Therapy

    The flowering spring meadow, the cute cat from the neighbour’s garden or the bowl with strawberries are a source of joy to most people.

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  • Reanimation


    Saving a Life

    It can happen to anyone – of any age, in any place, at any time. Sudden cardiac arrest may quickly prove fatal. Immediate action is called for!

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  • Ein Leben retten

    Save a Life

    Anesthesiologists in action

    Operations are performed under anaesthesia. There are different kinds of procedures, ranging from general anaesthesia to regional or local anaesthesia. Paula: "That was my first operation under general anaesthesia and I was quite afraid. But still, it was interesting to see how it all works." The specialist for anaesthesia – in short anaesthetist – is responsible for the narcosis.

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  • Bewegtes Klassenzimmer

    Active Classroom

    Exercise Breaks

    Movement is healthy! It furthers activation or relaxation, strengthens the muscles and improves coordination. Often a few minutes are enough when during lessons you have short breaks for action units in the classroom.

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  • Gesunde Ernährung

    Healthy Diet

    Stay Healthy and Fit!

    No matter whether we write, read, sleep or move, we always use up energy. Imagine your body is like a car. It needs petrol to be able to move.

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  • Deine Zähne

    Your Teeth

    Structure and Care

    This DVD demonstrates that a regular and thorough brushing of your teeth is the foremost condition for their lifelong health. At the same time, pupils learn that food that doesn‘t damage their teeth is decisive, too, in keeping them healthy.

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  • Mein Körper

    My Body

    Structure and Sexual Characteristics

    All human beings in the whole world have the same physique. However, we differ from each other in sex, height and weight as well as in skin and hair colour. The way we move, too, is different with each individual person.

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  • Aufklärung

    Sex Education

    Fertilisation, Pregnancy, Birth

    The creation of a new human being is a miracle. Children are interested in where they come from. They want to know how a baby gets into the mother’s womb, how it develops inside and is finally born. The film answers questions about fertilisation, pregnancy and birth.

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  • Verhütung


    Love and Responsibility

    In view of a considerable number of teenage pregnancies and commencement of sexual activities at an average age of 15, the topic of contraception is extremely important in lower secondary school.

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  • AIDS


    A Temporary Life

    AIDS is an issue that remains critical in view of the globally increasing infection rates. This DVD informs pupils on the immune deficiency disease and the ways in which the infection is passed on, it shows the scale of the pandemic and tries to make the young viewers aware of the difficult situation of those afflicted by it.

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  • Zecken


    Dangerous Pests

    Already the dinosaurs, which populated the Earth some 90 million years ago, were familiar with the tiny, dangerous pests, and the Greek poet Homer attributed healing and potency-enhancing effects to them in the late 8th century BC – however, only in pulverised form.

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  • Hormone


    Hidden Messengers

    Hormones influence our lives. Just like our nervous system, they transmit information in our bodies. When our hormonal balance is disrupted, our behaviour changes and we may fall ill. But what are hormones? Why have they got such a big influence? Where are they produced? And how do they work? The film leads us inside the human body – into the world of hormones.

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  • Infektionen


    Prevention and Therapies

    ’Health isn’t everything but everything is nothing without health.‘ – This clever sentence comes from the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

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  • Impfen


    Why? For What Reason? Against What?

    It is only in recent years that a vaccination has existed that is supposed to lower the risk of getting cervical cancer. This vaccination can protect against specific, sexually transmitted human papillomaviruses that are considered one of the causes for cervical cancer. Even though we consider our high health status as a matter of course in Germany today, it is not so very long ago that in Europe, too, many people died of diseases such as smallpox or typhus or had to suffer from the after-effects of diseases like poliomyelitis...

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