Why? For What Reason? Against What?

It is only in recent years that a vaccination has existed that is supposed to lower the risk of getting cervical cancer. This vaccination can protect against specific, sexually transmitted human papillomaviruses that are considered one of the causes for cervical cancer.

Even though we consider our high health status as a matter of course in Germany today, it is not so very long ago that in Europe, too, many people died of diseases such as smallpox or typhus or had to suffer from the after-effects of diseases like poliomyelitis.

Even at the beginning of the 20th century, there were still deadly epidemics such as the Spanish flu which spread anxiety and fear among the population.

Due to the fact that momentarily the threats to our health are considered subjectively low, a certain vaccination fatigue has developed. That means we avoid the way to the doctor because we see no danger for our own health nor for the health of the population...

The paradox is that because of vaccinations certain diseases have receded so much or have even been pronounced eradicated that they are no longer recognised as threats. 

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