• Gütesiegel

    Seal of approval

    Meaning, statement, reliability

    Quality seals such as the "Bio-Siegel", "Blauer Engel", "Stiftung Warentest" and up to 1,000 other seals represent characteristics such as sustainability, health or safety with regard to a product, a service or even a company.

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  • Rassismus


    Its Origins and Manifestations

    We speak of racism when certain, usually negative characteristics are attributed to people as a group because of external characteristics such as their skin color, but also their origin or religion.

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  • Rechte und Pflichten

    Rights and Obligations

    Youth Protection, Compulsory Schooling, Driving Licence

    Three girls of different ages: Anna is 17, Paula 15 and Lena 13. Before the law, their respective ages have consequences – because children and adolescents have different rights and also obligations.

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  • Schönheit

    Ideals of Beauty

    What Is Beautiful

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  • Werte und Normen in Deutschland

    Values and Norms in Germany


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  • Werte und Normen in Deutschland

    Values and Norms in Germany

    By and with Refugees

    O-Ton M. Ozbak (Afghanistan): „Both with regard to household chores and with tasks in public, women and men are equal.“

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  • Big Data

    Big Data

    Big Chance – Big Risk

    Original soundtrack young woman: “Big data? Well, I suppose this is just a huge amount of data ... Big and data ... so it’s a large amount of data!”

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  • Bloggen


    What Is That?

    The weblog or blog, for short, as a medium is not much older than this century. Blogs came into being in the World Wide Web as ’messages from below’, as web pages from web creators who wanted to share their view of the world with the world. They are short notes, long texts, pictures, videos, which are posted loosely and at random intervals to the world for an undefined public.

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  • Junge Erfinder

    Young Inventors

    Implementing Their Own Ideas

    Inventions are part of our lives. We do not even notice many of these revolutionary inventions in our daily routines. But without them, we would have to sit in dark caves and explore the world on foot.

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  • Schüler leben Inklusion

    Pupils Practise Inclusion

    Making a Mark

    When people come together, no matter under what concomitant circumstances – ultimately, it is about how these people meet and how openly they interact with one another.

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  • Toleranz


    For a Respectful Coexistence

    “Tolerance means being generous and kind to other people and helping them, too.”

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  • Part Time Kings

    Part Time Kings

    Together Let's Create Our Future

    Your children are not your children For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams

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  • Inklusion


    Let’s Make It Possible!

    Madita is eleven and blind. She does not want to go to a special school but to a regular grammar school. She says she feels "normal" there. Jonathan is eight and has a walking disability. He likes going to the school where he lives.

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  • Reanimation


    Saving a Life

    It can happen to anyone – of any age, in any place, at any time. Sudden cardiac arrest may quickly prove fatal. Immediate action is called for!

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  • Jugendbewegung

    Youth Movement

    Then and Today

    Dancing until your feet hurt: Here, at the meeting on the Hoher Meissner near Kassel, 3,500 participants from Boy Scout associations, youth and Wandervogel groups from all over the German-speaking region have gathered. They want to celebrate, simply get to know each other and commemorate a historic anniversary.

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  • Mobiles Lernen II

    Mobile Learning II

    Active Media Work with iPads

    Oh, what’s that? Original soundtrack Thissen: “As our children grow up in a media world and naturally handle the media, they should also be a topic in school.“

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  • Stalking


    It Concerns Us All!

    In Germany, 12 % of all federal citizens are pursued by a stalker once in their lives. And not only celebrities are among their victims! Everyone may be confronted with such a situation. The term stalking derives from hunting language and means as much as to sneak up or creep up on someone and in a figurative sense that a person pursues and harasses another person again and again.

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  • Internetsucht

    Internet Addiction

    An Underestimated Danger

    This film covers the topic of computer games in a variety of ways and from many different angles. Apart from the fascina- tion of computer games for users, the historical development as well as the production of computer games are described.

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  • Computerspiele

    Computer Games

    Virtual Worlds

    This film covers the topic of computer games in a variety of ways and from many different angles. Apart from the fascina- tion of computer games for users, the historical development as well as the production of computer games are described.

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  • Podcasting


    What Is It? - Modern Teaching

    Today, the use of new media has become a matter of course not only in everyday life – schools and teaching, too, benefit from the new technologies and methods, which support active and independent learning.

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  • Schülermediation

    Peer Mediation

    Solving Conflicts

    Lena and Max attend the 7th form. Max is new in class. During a break, Max notices that Lena and her friend are laughing at him again. Max loses his temper! He slaps Lena in the face. That hurts and Lena runs back into the classroom with a red cheek. The growing conflict between the two has escalated.

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  • Urheberrecht


    Basic Principles

    Copyright is subject to constant change to keep up with technological advances. This film enables the viewer to grasp the basic principles of this extremely intricate matter. By way of introduction, the film defines what an author is, what kinds of works there are and how long a work is protected on principle.Then the fundamental rights of an author are cited and it is shown how these are exploited in our times.

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  • Produktpiraterie

    Product Piracy

    Original or Imitation

    Counterfeiting takes place in almost all economic sectors – textiles, watches, car parts, machine parts, tools, accessories, software and medicines. Some counterfeits are easy to recognise, others are so well-executed that even experts have difficulty distinguishing between original and imitation.

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  • Die Tageszeitung

    The Daily Newspaper

    From Idea to Print

    Every day, there is a surge of news reaching us via different news channels. In spite of TV and Internet, the daily paper still is one of the most important main sources of news. But how is a newspaper created? The film shows the production of a paper in the course of one day.

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  • Luftverkehr

    Air Traffic

    Mobility around the World

    Being able to fly has been a dream of humanity from time immemorial. But it does not even date back a century that people actually started being able to travel through the air. Since the 1960s, the number of flight passengers has been constantly increasing. Thus, the airspace is no longer dominated by birds but by man-made flying objects.

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  • Keramik


    The Everlasting Material

    Ceramics are indispensable in our everyday lives. We eat from ceramic plates, drink from ceramic cups, use tiled ceramic bathrooms. But how is ceramic manufactured? The film reveals the secrets of this fascinating material! We get to know more about the beginnings of ceramic in the Old World of Egypt and Mesopotamia, about Greece, China and Rome. We gain interesting insights into the valuable earthenware and are also shown the exquisite further development of the "white gold". Today this versatile material is irreplaceable in industry, too. Whether in space or as an easily compatible substitute in medicine, ceramic is applied in many places.

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  • Zivilcourage

    Civil Courage


    Civil courage concerns us all! Everyone may fall victim to violent assault.. Violence is expressed not only physically but also psychologically. It can lead to severe physical and mental damage for the victim. Taking a stand for others is not always very easy. You should not expose yourself to danger, it is enough to alert the police as soon as you witness an act of violence.

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  • Schach


    The Royal Game

    Whether for professionals or beginners, whether leisure-time activity or hard struggle for championship medals – chess is fun! 550 million people worldwide play chess but only very few of them really reach world-class level.

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  • Interaktive Whiteboards

    Interactive Whiteboards

    Teaching – Creating – Presenting

    Although the computer found its way into school some time ago already, it has mostly led a marginal existence so far, banished to extra practice rooms or to the side of the classroom.

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  • Alkohol am Steuer

    Drunken Driving

    You Have No Chance

    “Of course I can still drive.“ A sentence that many young people have certainly heard and even said themselves after drinking alcohol at a party. In this film, four young drivers, supervised by the police, test the truth of this assertion on an ADAC training ground.

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  • Mobiles Lernen I

    Mobile Learning I


    Increasing mobility is a dominant characteristic of the present age. Here the school just follows a general social trend. But with growing mobility not only new devices are coming to the fore but also new concepts of learning are being developed as well as new ways of cooperation between pupils and pupils and pupils and teachers. By now the iPad has established itself as one of the most frequently used mobile learning devices.

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  • Schifffahrt


    Through the Ages

    From time immemorial people have been fascinated by the sea. With the help of wood, papyrus or animal skin our forbears began to move on water. The history of shipping is inseparably associated with the history of human civilization. It offered new ways of transport for goods, merchandise and also people. It brought cultures together.

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  • Der 14. Dalai-Lama

    The 14th Dalai Lama

    Under the Banner of Peace

    He is considered one of the best-known personalities of our time and has been the Tibetans’ spiritual leader for more than 50 years. The Dalai Lama – His views are inspiration to many.

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  • Die Würde des Menschen

    Human Dignity

    AIDS Patients in Togo

    This is Albertine. She is seven years old. Three years ago, she lost her mother and has lived with her grandmother ever since, her father has left them. Every noon she comes to have lunch in the ward. The girl seems to feel her strength ebbing away and has decided not to talk anymore.

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  • Börsencrash

    Stock Market Crash

    Economic Crises 1929 & 2008

    The America of the 1920s. The America where the gangsters rule the cities. The America of prohibition where production and marketing of alcoholic beverages is forbidden and criminals like Al Capone in Chicago make huge profits from the illegal sale of beer and whisky.

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  • Versöhnen statt Richten

    Reconciliation instead of Judgement

    Victim-Offender-Mediation in Practice

    The Criminal Code says: »Whosoever physically assaults another person is punished.« But the Criminal Code also says: »If the offender in an effort to achieve reconciliation with the victim (Victim-Offender-Mediation) has made full restitution for his offence, the court may mitigate the sentence or, unless the sentence is imprisonment of more than one year, may order a discharge.«

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  • Entscheide Dich!

    Make up Your Mind!

    Doping in Sport

    Eventually he wants to be as good as his acknowledged role model the Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko. He vehemently rejects the idea that Klitschko could dope. The world champion trains his stamina every day by swimming. Then why dope?

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