Youth Movement

Then and Today

Dancing until your feet hurt: Here, at the meeting on the Hoher Meissner near Kassel, 3,500 participants from Boy Scout associations, youth and Wandervogel groups from all over the German-speaking region have gathered. They want to celebrate, simply get to know each other and commemorate a historic anniversary. The same place a hundred years ago: In 1913, student groups, Wandervögel, educational reformers and life reformers met there for the first time forming a huge camp as the Free German Youth. Back then, there was a lot of dancing, too. But the aim was to constitute a counter movement to the consumer culture, warmongering and blind faith in authority of that time. A “youth movement” had formed whose members appeared together there for the first time. In the archives of the German Youth Movement at Ludwigstein Castle, photo albums and diaries from that time have been kept until today.
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