Product Piracy

Original or Imitation

Counterfeiting takes place in almost all economic sectors – textiles, watches, car parts, machine parts, tools, accessories, software and medicines. Some counterfeits are easy to recognise, others are so well-executed that even experts have difficulty distinguishing between original and imitation. This DVD covers the development of a product from idea to manufacture. Once a product has become a trademark, product pirates appear on the scene. Is product piracy a harmless offence? How damaging and dangerous is it truly? What legal principles are violated? How are counterfeits produced and what dangers result from that? The damage to the industry is significant. Apart from the economic losses, the damage to the image is severe. The deceived consumer may become a victim to quality defects in the case of material fatigue, safety defects or the wrong materials or ingredients. Legally, the industry can protect itself with patents and designs to take action against counterfeits. The film also shows protection concepts to allow a distinction between original products and counterfeit goods.
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