A Temporary Life

AIDS is an issue that remains critical in view of the globally increasing infection rates. This DVD informs pupils on the immune deficiency disease and the ways in which the infection is passed on, it shows the scale of the pandemic and tries to make the young viewers aware of the difficult situation of those afflicted by it. Impressive original pictures demonstrate the commitment of voluntary helpers in the AIDS hospice run by the Brother- hood of the Blessed Gérard in Mandeni, South Africa. A visit to the Munich-based AIDS-Hilfe e.V. provides the pupils with an overview of the assistance and care offered by municipal AIDS relief organisations. Further, they gain an insight into everyday life at ZIK – a housing project for people tested HIV positive in Berlin. Firsthand reports from young infected persons directly address the pupils and warn them against “unsafe sex”. The extensive didactic accompanying material provides detailed information on HIV and AIDS and encourages responsible behaviour towards oneself and others. The DVD is made up of five didactic units that can be individually accessed via the DVD menu.

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