Our Money

Calculating with Euros and Cents

„Money makes the world go round.“ Today this proverb is more topical than ever and perfectly describes our dependence on the currency of money. This DVD is intended to contribute to an understanding of the phenomenon of money. In doing so, it first provides an overview of different world currencies with the main emphasis on our currency, the euro. The film shows that the European currency is not specific to a country but transnational. Common features as well as differences in the coins and notes are presented and illustrated. We accompany Jenny and Jakob during their day and learn how to compare, assess, count and calculate with sums of money. The DVD looks critically into the topic of borrowing. In addition, it demonstrates the advantages of saving up, explains the concept of interest and shows how to open an account. This DVD provides a good overview of handling money and calculating with it, describes its form and characteristics and is perfectly suited for lessons in both general knowledge and mathematics at primary school.

  • Article no.: 4658322
  • Targetgroups: Sek I,GRU,FÖ
  • Length: 16:44 min
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