3D Printing

Methods, Materials, Future Prospects

Layer by layer, a three-dimensional form is being created here – a chess piece. Just like that, from a printer – however, a special one: a 3D printer. Thus, the dream of being able to manufacture three-dimensional pieces yourself at home becomes reality.
In industry, professional 3D printers play an increasingly important part. Different methods and materials enable the production of a broad variety of objects.
This ranges from workpieces to medical demonstration objects to model pieces and even foods, like marzipan in this example. The possibilities of application seem to be almost unlimited. As preferred materials, different plastics and metals are primarily used.
With this method, a whole new kind of production becomes possible. Material that has so far been reduced or formed by processing is expanded here step by step. Therefore, this is also referred to as additive manufacturing, i.e. manufacturing by addition.
But how exactly does a 3D printer work? What is it already able or still unable to do today? And will this technology have an impact on our work life?

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