Attraction of masses

Gravity is the force that pulls something to the ground. It ensures that everything falls downwards. Like every force, it has a direction, namely towards the centre of the celestial body. The film vividly shows the development of the law of gravity from Isaac Newton through the further development by Albert Einstein, who described that gravity not only causes bodies to attract each other, but also causes space to curve around a body. Space and time are no longer absolute, fixed quantities, but changeable.

In this context, astrophysicist Harald Lesch explains very impressively how black holes are created and how the orbits of planets depend on gravity.

In combination with the extensive additional material (classic and interactive worksheets, glossary, test questions), the medium can be used excellently in lessons.

Glossary, interactive tasks and test questions were created with H5P and can be used without additional software.

In the detailed data section of the DVD 88 pages of teaching and accompanying material, of which:
23 pages of worksheets and supplements with solutions
17 test questions
10 Interactive tasks

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