My Favourite Colour Is Multi-coloured

Mixing and Trying out Colours

Paintbrush: ”Hello kids! I am Colori. Being a paintbrush, I love all those vivid colours: red, yellow, green, blue ... just all of them! Don't you like it colourful, too? Great! When I was painting, I thought that I'd like to know where all these fantastic colours we see come from. Why are meadows green? And why is a fire engine red? Why isn't a banana blue? And why is a rainbow always colourful? Would you like to know that, too? Great, then I'll tell you what I've found out!" Imagine for a moment that there were no colours. If nothing in this world had a colour, that would be quite boring and sad. No colourful flowers, no coloured butterflies, even your ice-cream on a sunny day would just be grey.

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