The Honey Bee

Life in the Beehive

Untiringly, the honey bees fly from flower to flower, constantly in search of pollen and sweet nectar. These busy workers live together in a complex social system an insight into which is provided by this film. In vivid pictures, it describes the life of the honey bee in the bee colony and deals with the inhabi- tants of the beehive and their strict division of labour. It shows the worker bees foraging for food and communicating with each other in their characteristic way. The second part of the film illustrates how a new bee colony is formed and describes the course of a bee‘s year from the new queen to the mating flight and the brood cells and finally to the expulsion of the drones in the „slaughter of the drones“. The DVD and the didactically arranged worksheets are per- fectly suited for the classroom both as an introduction to the topic and as a tool for the pupils when working individually or preparing projects.

  • Article no.: 4659338
  • Targetgroups: Sek I
  • Length: 16:35 min
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