Air and Respiration

Learning Circle

The subject of air and respiration offers a variety of starting points for an interdisciplinary approach. This DVD contains essential aspects for teaching pupils in the first years of secondary school. The chemical and physical characteristics of air form the basis for understanding many everyday phenomena, ranging from the development of wind and air pressure to high pressure and low pressure areas in the atmosphere. Last but not least, the foundations for a closer examination of respira- tion are laid. The fundamental phenomenon of respiration is shown from a functional point of view with the help of impressive ani- mations. Different respiratory organs are compared to each other and the basic principle of respiration is explained. The respiratory movements, the path of respiratory air and gas exchange are main points in the “Respiration with Humans” chapter. As a special feature, in its ROM part this DVD offers material for a learning circle dedicated to this subject. Here, many aspects are treated again in a way that pupils can find out facts by themselves with the help of suitable experiments and tasks.
  • Article no.: 4655709
  • Targetgroups: Sek I
  • Length: 23:56 min
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