The Ladybird

Insect of the Year 2006

The seven-spotted ladybird was chosen insect of the year 2006. Besides the characteristics of this and other ladybird species, the film also shows the reproduction and develop- ment of various species and their geographic ranges. Fur- thermore, this DVD puts emphasis on the explanation of the ecological web of relationships the ladybird is part of. Here, the relation with humans also plays a role as people have always valued ladybirds because they kill aphids and are pretty to look at. Apart from the ladybird itself, several natural enemies such as insects and spiders are shown in impressive close-ups. The film is highly suitable for overcoming any prejudices the pupils might hold towards these groups of animals.The film is suitable for primary school lessons and secondary school biology studies, including the subject area of ecology in the 8th year of school.

  • Article no.: 4655707
  • Targetgroups: Sek I,GRU
  • Length: 19:00 min
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