Ecosystem Forest

Structure and Characteristics

The forest – it is not only a collection of trees but a dynamic symbiosis of many different plants and animals. Their com- plex interdependence forms the basis of the ecosystem. DVD 1: Temperate Climes DVD 1 describes the structure and chain of aspects in the de- ciduous mixed forest typical of temperate climes. The various layers (herb layer, brush layer, canopy) are presented with their respective characteristics. The film describes the natural development of the ecosystem forest, compares natural forest and commercial forest and looks critically into human interference. DVD 2: Animals and Plants DVD 2 initially concentrates on the natural development of the forest (natural rejuvenation, succession, climax vege- tation). It then goes on to focus on the forest dwellers and their interrelations. The whole range of animals and plants is presented: from fungi and insects to birds and bats.

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  • Targetgroups: Sek II
  • Length: 34:04 min
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