Capitals of Central Europe I

Berlin, Bern, Vaduz, Vienna

This DVD presents the German-speaking capitals of Central Europe, Berlin, Bern, Vaduz and Vienna. By way of introduction, the pupils learn about the natural and climatic boundaries of the Central European region and which countries it encompasses. Based on this, the film first focuses on the topographic situation of the respective capital of the countries of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, and the history of the cities’ foundation is briefly outlined. To illustrate their function as capitals, the government buildings in Berlin, Bern, Vaduz and Vienna are described but the DVD also goes into the respective infrastructural and economic particularities. Impressive pictures and the accompanying material give a lasting account of the growth of the metropolis of Vienna thanks to its favourable geographic situation at the Danube trade route and the Habsburg dynasty. The traces of Berlin’s division into West Berlin and East Berlin are documented, Bern is shown in its special role as federal capital of Switzerland and capital of the canton of Bern, and Vaduz is introduced as small capital of international repute as a financial centre.
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