A Cultivated Plant

Coffee has become the second most important commodity on the world market after crude oil, and it enjoys tremendous popularity around the globe. Allegedly, it happened by chance that the stimulating effect of the cherry-like fruit was discovered in the Ethiopian province of Kaffa. The deep brown, aromatic drink embarked on a global journey of success. From the middle of the 17th century, it also became widespread in Europe, even though it was a treat that was initially reserved for the prosperous. Today, however, it is a part of everyday life for many people. The DVD starts with the history of the spreading of coffee cultivation and continues to describe in detail the biological characteristics of the coffee shrub. Another chapter outlines the conditions for growth and introduces the most important coffee-producing regions. The long, laborious journey from the harvest of the ripe coffee cherry to the prepared cup is illustrated. The economically weakest link in this chain are the coffee farmers. There are several organisations acting on a worldwide scale that try to realise adequate prices for the coffee farmers and promote incentives for development by means of fair trade.s is described.
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