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The Munich Kammerspiele, commissioned by the Riemerschmid family as a new theatre in the city of Munich in 1899.

The word “theatre” originates from the Ancient Greek théatron and means “a place for viewing”. The art form of theatre dates back to Ancient Greece. In honour of the god Dionysus, pieces were performed, which also involved discussions, decisions and thus politics.

Theatre used to play an important part. Elke Bauer, head of “Kammer4you”, the office informing on the art form of theatre, explains how this worked.

Original soundtrack Elke Bauer:

“With the Dionysia in Ancient Greece, and also with the theatre as we know it today, it is always about people watching other people live. This means, in the theatre stories are told, in which people try to cope with themselves, with other people, with the world. And for the audience, it is always about gaining new perspectives, new ideas for their relationships with others.”

Thus, theatre opened up new perspectives that were then taken up in politics and in everyday life.

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