First World War

A European Catastrophe

First World War – A European Catastrophe Even though countless armed conflicts had shaken mankind in the course of its history, it was the First World War that surpassed with its 17 million casualties and immense damage anything that had ever been experienced before. DVD 1 tries to investigate the question where to find the causes for the First World War. Starting with the foundation of the German Reich and its foreign policy, the alliance systems are explained. Also the importance of the colonies as raw materials and sales markets are shown. Germany was the economic powerhouse in Europe thus shaking its balance of power. What were the aims of the individual Great Powers? What were the chances when the war broke out in 1914 in view of the balance of power among the alliances? DVD 2 shows the fronts, meanwhile hardened, between the Central Powers and the Allies from 1915-1918. It becomes clearly visible what horrors modern warfare entailed and how radically the role of the individual soldier on the battlefield changed. Together with the extensive additional material the DVD is ideally suited for use in the classroom.

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