John F. Kennedy

Rise and Assassination

John F. Kennedy married the 34-year-old Jacqueline Bouvier. Now they have two children, Caroline, 5, and John-John, 2. The presidential aircraft Air Force One is flying over Texas in the direction of Dallas Airport. The State of Texas is traditionally a conservative Republican stronghold. Kennedy’s fight for civil rights, his liberal domestic policies as well as the orientation of his international politics displease the conservative elites of the Texan metropolis. For them, Kennedy is a friend of the communists and “nigger lover”. The 46-year-old John F. Kennedy is the youngest president of the United Sates and the first Catholic one. Over the past three years, Kennedy has led the United States into the most significant economic boom in the country’s history. The President has the protective roof of the car removed in which he is driven through the streets of Dallas on November 22, 1963 so that people can see him better. Roughly 250,000 people are lining the streets and cheering for him. In the just over thousand days as president, Kennedy has become famous. He represents a new era. The President’s convoy is moving through the centre of Dallas. Slowly, they are passing the building which is used as a depository for school books. Three shots are fired. A person was seen fleeing the book depository. It is 1 pm. 30 minutes have passed since the attack. President Kennedy is declared dead. He was the youngest president ever elected... and he died the youngest.

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