Units of Length

Measuring and Calculating

The DVD starts with a look back into the past. How did peop- le measure in former times? What historical units of measure- ment were there? What is the standard metre? Since when has there been a system of units? Subsequently, the units of measurement – metre (m), centimetre (cm), milllimetre (mm), decimetre (dm) and kilo- metre (km) – are examined more closely. In a third chapter, an overview of the conversions is presented and their systematics explained. Decimal points and the prefixes are clearly illustrated. Then the DVD offers a digression visiting other countries and their length units. America and Great Britain, with inches, feet, yards and miles, play a central role. In the fifth chapter, calculations using scales are presented. Here the focus is laid on scales in maps, but also scaling down and up are dealt with. In the last chapter, circumferences of rectangles and squares are measured and calculated with various examples.

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