Interactive Whiteboards

Teaching – Creating – Presenting

Although the computer found its way into school some time ago already, it has mostly led a marginal existence so far, banished to extra practice rooms or to the side of the classroom. With the new medium of the interactive whiteboard the computer promptly becomes the focus of the lessons as the central hub. On the digital board that projects contents via a beamer like on an oversized computer monitor, pictures and texts as well as audio and video files can be displayed. The possibilities of representation on this new white board, the whiteboard, seem to be almost unlimited compared to the traditional blackboard. But with the help of the board things cannot just be better represented, the computer-connected board can, in addition, be used by teachers and pupils as a universal tool. On it, content in a new - that is interactive - form can be searched online, organised and presented in the classroom.

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  • Targetgroups: Sek I,Sek II
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