Geologic Activities

Volcanoes, Geysers, Continental Plates

The formation of our earth began according to today's knowledge from a huge cloud of dust and gases about 4.6 billion years ago.

Very vividly and clearly structured, the film depicts plate tectonics on the outer cooled earth shell. The continental plates drift apart, collide or push past each other.

Numerous spectacular shots from Iceland show the earth's activity in action.

In some places, the enormous heat from deep within the Earth is conducted outward as if through a valve. Volcanoes are formed where the hot viscous rock from the interior of the earth reaches the outside.

Geysers and hot springs are formed because water is heated underground by volcanic activity and then makes its way to the surface through a maze of cracks and crevices.


In combination with the extensive additional material (worksheets, interactive tasks), this medium can be used excellently in the classroom.

In the detailed data section of the DVD 91 pages of teaching and accompanying material, of which:

26 pages of worksheets and supplements with solutions

17 test tasks

10 interactive tasks

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